The Power Review

  • Author: Naomi Alderman
  • Series: Standalone
  • Genre: Sci-fi/Feminism
  • No. of pages: 341
  • Dates read: 19.03.19 – 24.03.19
  • Rating: 4.5 stars

I have never read a book like this before! I don’t read much science fiction but I was quite intrigued by the synopsis.

There numerous trigger warnings in this book, so please be careful if you ever decide to pick it up. I don’t mention the triggers in my review but this is my warning for triggers such as:
Rape, Sexual Assualt, Violence and Torture


I loved the whole concept in general of women having this dormant power and women becoming this unstoppable force and rising up from oppression. I was also interested to see which way Naomi would go with this story. Would she go down the route of “society was changed for the better because women were now in charge” or would she go down the route of “society collapses from the rise in power.” I was very happy with the road she took.

I loved all the characters in the stories both good or evil or in-between. I felt each character introduced a new perspective to this changing world and all actions were justified in their minds as their knee-jerk reaction to these sudden changes.

I really enjoyed the multiple POV’s, I think for us to fully understand the worldwide/societal change this new phenomenon brought, we had to see it from varying characters in different parts of the world. All 4 POV’s represented certain parts of society and through them, we see how those parts responded.

Tunde was the media. Margot was the politics. Allie was the religion. Roxy was the organised crime.

I don’t normally like this dystopian novels as I get bored quite quickly but what I liked about this book is we actually witness all the small changes that lead to the quickly forming dystopian society. We are not introduced to the story halfway through like we are with books such as the “The Hunger Games” where the dystopian setting was established years ago but at the very beginning and we watch everything unravel.

The language switch was intriguing. A lot of words and phrases were used to describe men and their horrible situation, especially by the end of the book, that normally gets associated with women or references something that women go through every day and I thought it was interesting to see that switch. In which these things were being said about men instead of women. It was a weird experience to read it!


While I really enjoyed the book, I didn’t care for the ending. It didn’t pack a punch for me. A lot is left unsaid. We don’t know what happens to the characters we have invested our time into which was quite disappointing for me. I had to go to a forum on Goodreads to fully understand the ending, which when explained to me sounded really cool but I didn’t care for the execution.

Overall, I started losing momentum about 3/4 of the way through the book. If it had been a bit shorter I probably would have enjoyed the ending more than I did.

The next book I will be reviewing is an ARC I received in their December 2018 Fairyloot box. I will be reading The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson.

February Wrap Up 2018

Bit late this time round but I couldn’t find the time to take a photo of the books I read in February.

Below is a list of the four books I reviewed in February.

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (4 stars)

A great final instalment to one of my favourite sci-fi series. I loved the diverse cast and the dossier style format it follows but critiqued the sometimes cringe dialogue.

The Arm of the Sphinx by Josiah Bancroft (4 stars)

Another book into my 2019 sequels. I read the 1st book, Senlin Ascends, last year and it was my favourite book of 2018. I was quite nervous going into this one but I ended up throughly enjoying it!

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah (3.5 stars)

A fresh new take on Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective, Hannah takes over the mantle from Christie and produces a book which has classic Christie tropes. I enjoyed this story a lot.

The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (4 stars)

A heart-warming story about life and death. I get emotional every time I think about this story. A quick, inspirational read that will have you thinking about life just a little bit differently.

Thunderhead Review

  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • Series: Arc of a Scythe #2
  • Genre: Sci-fi
  • No. of pages: 515
  • Dates read: 10.03.19 – 18.03.19
  • Rating: 5 stars (Favourite)
  • Challenge: 2019 sequels

I read the first book “Sycthe” last July and really enjoyed it! So I wasn’t sure how Shusterman was going to top it but he completely smashed it! Hit it out the park! I can’t fully comprehend what I just read!

I can’t really mention the plot as it spoils things but what I will say is that it is set a year after the conclave where it was decided between Rowan and Citra who would win the mantle of Honorable Sycthe.


The world building in this book is so intricate and detailed. I can’t believe how imaginative Shusterman is! I would not be able to think of all the things mentioned and described in this book! From the expansion of the Thunderhead to Sycthe law, I felt like if I was dropped into this world I would know how to go about my day without a hitch as it’s that detailed!

I loved the expansion of the Thunderhead, I liked getting an insight into the “brain” of this powerhouse. He reminded me of what AIDAN in the Illuminae Files could have been. I loved the humanity that the Thunderhead was given.

Greyson Tolliver was such a great addition to the story. I really enjoyed his character and I felt for him so much! He brought a lot to the story and was key to the progression of the narrative. He is not just brought in for the sake of introducing another character, Shusterman like with every single detail he includes is important to the world or the progression to the story. Greyson is key!!!!!

Citra has grown a lot on me this time! I didn’t care for her that much in Sycthe but I loved her in this book! She has so much strength and intelligence that I wish I had! She is a kind of character people look up to, she is trying her hardest in a tough political climate and is holding her own. I think it’s very fitting as she represents a lot of young women fighting for their place in society and to have their voices heard!

Speaking of political climate… the politics in this book is so raw and real and while its set in this fantastical setting and they are discussing fantastical topics, the root of the problem is very real and can be reflected in our own world and our own lives and that is scary! I see today’s politicians reflected in this book and I am not happy with what I see.

I love the development of Sycthe Curie and Citra’s friendship, it was lovely to see two powerful women supporting each other! I think that this friendship was beautiful. Women supporting women! What more could I ask for!

My only criticism for this book is I am still not sold on the romance sub-plots. This was something I found to be a problem in Sycthe. The relationships and romance are driving forces for the progression of the story but it’s the only part of the novel that I feel is under-developed and as a reader, I am not given enough time to appreciate the romance or understand, it feels rushed and that it shouldn’t be that important of driving force for the narrative progression.

The next book I plan to review is another sci-fi! Last year I read two sci-fi books this year I will be on my 3rd! Wahey! The book I will be reviewing next is The Power by Naomi Alderman!

Legendary Review

  • Author: Stephanie Garber
  • Series: Caraval Trilogy #2
  • Genre: Fantasy/Romance
  • No. of pages: 423
  • Date read: 18.02.19 – 07.03.19
  • Rating: 3 stars
  • Challenge: 2019 sequels

Wow! Another great instalment. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it as much as Caraval but I think it held it’s own.


I loved how colourful and descriptive Garber’s writing is. You get tossed into this magical, vibrant world that oozes mystery and this is purely down to her writing. Her writing isn’t amazing overall, there are some lines and bits of dialogue that made me cringe as they were just so cheesy and felt out of place. But her descriptive writing of clothing, places and atmosphere was really good, she is very good at world-building. I do think Garber’s writing has come on a lot since her debut novel, Caraval, I found that I enjoyed her writing a lot more this time around.

I liked how we saw an expansion of the history of the Meridian Empire. But one major factor in the story I feel should have been mentioned in the first book. I can’t say what it is as it’s a massive spoiler but it initially threw me off when it was introduced as it felt like it was an after-thought added in later to make the series seem more epic. But once I got over that it was really enjoyable to have that dynamic and higher stakes added in.

The romance in this book initially started a bit forced. I didn’t care for it at first, I felt since Scarlett was with Julian at the end of the book Donatella must also have a love interest but it actually grew on me. The romance ended up being so enjoyable to read I looked forward to seeing more of it as the book continued. This is not normally the case for me.

One negative I would say is I don’t think the plot and the progression of the novel was structured as well as Caraval was, sadly. A lot was going on, especially with the higher stake plot element added in and it did feel a bit all over the place and I found myself at the beginning of the novel a bit confused.

The ending was incredibly satisfying! I wasn’t sure on how Garber was going to end this story but I loved it, I found myself grinning from ear to ear as I was reading it. I cannot wait to read the next book which comes out very soon!

Bookish This or That Tag

Sadly, no review this Sunday. I had a really draining week at work so I didn’t get to finish a book in time for a review. So I decided to do a quick and fun tag about some of my own bookish opinions.

Series or Standalone

See, normally I wouldn’t consider this a hard choice. I adore standalones but when it comes to choosing between series or standalones, I think that there is so much expansion that you get plot and character wise with series that you can never really get with a standalone. While I love the simpleness of one wrapped up story in one book.

My choice would be series just because you get a lot more from a series than you do a standalone.

Magic earned or Magic Born

I like both options here. I love the idea of there are some people who are born with these incredible powers and we watch them struggle with immensity of the power and the responsibilities that come with it or watch them embrace what they have and use it for good. There are many variations that come with being born with magic.

That being said I love the idea of someone working really hard to be the best at the magic that they earned. I love the idea of dedication and it makes for really interesting characters as well. Someone choosing and working towards that level of power, evil or good it makes for a more dynamic character.

My choice would be magic earned.

Enemies to Lovers or Friends to Lovers

To me, this is quite an easy choice I understand the love for enemies to lovers trope having its appeal but I absolutely love the idea of two people who have been friends for a long time realise their love for each other. I prefer that over people who have disliked even hated each other suddenly have some moment which they realise they love each other or can grow to love each other.

My choice would be friends to lovers.

Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin

Again, another easy decision. I don’t mind a bit of emotional ruin here and there. The occasional tears and devastation. But personally, I prefer to laugh alongside my characters, enjoying moments of happiness with them rather than moments of heartbreak.

My choice would be hilarious banter.

Love Triangle or Instalove

I’m not the biggest fan or either option here to be honest. I personally think love-triangles are a bit more dynamic and a bit more interest to the story than insta love does. You get more tension with a love triangle which is not necessarily a good thing but it makes for a more interesting read. Insta-love to me is false. I don’t believe in it, if it is posed as lust at first sight, I think it could work so you’re not playing it off as true love.

My choice would be a love triangle.

Mean Parents or Dead Parents

The dead parents trope breaks my heart. All I can think of is Harry Potter and every time I think of him as an orphan stuck in the Dursley’s house it makes me tear up. That being said I don’t like mean/abusive parents so for that…

My choice would be dead parents.

So there you go… something to fill the gap before the next review.