Bookish This or That Tag

Sadly, no review this Sunday. I had a really draining week at work so I didn’t get to finish a book in time for a review. So I decided to do a quick and fun tag about some of my own bookish opinions.

Series or Standalone

See, normally I wouldn’t consider this a hard choice. I adore standalones but when it comes to choosing between series or standalones, I think that there is so much expansion that you get plot and character wise with series that you can never really get with a standalone. While I love the simpleness of one wrapped up story in one book.

My choice would be series just because you get a lot more from a series than you do a standalone.

Magic earned or Magic Born

I like both options here. I love the idea of there are some people who are born with these incredible powers and we watch them struggle with immensity of the power and the responsibilities that come with it or watch them embrace what they have and use it for good. There are many variations that come with being born with magic.

That being said I love the idea of someone working really hard to be the best at the magic that they earned. I love the idea of dedication and it makes for really interesting characters as well. Someone choosing and working towards that level of power, evil or good it makes for a more dynamic character.

My choice would be magic earned.

Enemies to Lovers or Friends to Lovers

To me, this is quite an easy choice I understand the love for enemies to lovers trope having its appeal but I absolutely love the idea of two people who have been friends for a long time realise their love for each other. I prefer that over people who have disliked even hated each other suddenly have some moment which they realise they love each other or can grow to love each other.

My choice would be friends to lovers.

Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin

Again, another easy decision. I don’t mind a bit of emotional ruin here and there. The occasional tears and devastation. But personally, I prefer to laugh alongside my characters, enjoying moments of happiness with them rather than moments of heartbreak.

My choice would be hilarious banter.

Love Triangle or Instalove

I’m not the biggest fan or either option here to be honest. I personally think love-triangles are a bit more dynamic and a bit more interest to the story than insta love does. You get more tension with a love triangle which is not necessarily a good thing but it makes for a more interesting read. Insta-love to me is false. I don’t believe in it, if it is posed as lust at first sight, I think it could work so you’re not playing it off as true love.

My choice would be a love triangle.

Mean Parents or Dead Parents

The dead parents trope breaks my heart. All I can think of is Harry Potter and every time I think of him as an orphan stuck in the Dursley’s house it makes me tear up. That being said I don’t like mean/abusive parents so for that…

My choice would be dead parents.

So there you go… something to fill the gap before the next review.

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