India Reads 1 Year Anniversary!

Well. Here we are! I have been doing this blog for exactly one year. To the day. I created my blog about a week earlier but I released my Circe Review which you can check out here. On this exact day one year ago. Beware, it’s filled with spoilers!

I have learnt a lot since then:

How to format my Wrap Up posts.

If you look at my first post which came out February of this year. You can see it is just the link to the reviews and the star rating. Nothing else and not very visually appealing. When you compare that post to my most recent post which came out earlier this month. You can see the clear difference!

Switched Up my Content

I no longer post just reviews. I try to stick with Thursdays for review and Mondays with a variety of bookish related posts. One of my recent bookish related posts was essentially my 2020 TBR. I don’t really do TBR’s as I am more of a mood reader so this covered books I wanted to get to throughout all of 2020.

Joined Bookish Twitter

I decided to start promoting my blog more professionally and try to reach out to other book-obsessed people and learn from them. So to do that I joined twitter at @readsindia. I saw a big rise in views and visitors since joining in September and it has been so much fun reading and watching other peoples book related content.

I am looking forward to all the bookish content coming your way for the next year of India Reads. I have actually planned all of my posts until halfway through January. I am that prepared!

My favourite posts of the past year!

The first one is probably my favourite review so far and that my Body on the Train Review. Written by Frances Brody it was one of the many murder mysteries I have read in my life but I was just so invested in the story and wrote this review at midnight right after I finished the book.

One of my other favourite posts was my Book Bait post which I released just before my birthday! I listed all the themes, tropes and plot points that instantly draw my attention and make me pick up a book!

Another review of mine was my Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire review. This was a different kind of review as I focused more on my experience annotating the novel.

And finally my last favourite post is Top 5 Bookish Podcasts post. Where I talk about some podcasts that cover books or are focused on telling stories. A lot of Harry Potter content.

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