November Wrap Up 2019

November was a really interesting month for me. I read two books from Warhammer 40k a series I had never heard of before as well trying all brand new authors to me.

Requiem Infernal – Peter Fehervari (4 stars)

My first foray with Warhammer 40k and I absolutely loved it! I did find the ending to be confusing but I felt this was a great book to read if you haven’t read any Warhammer 40k material. The world building was probably my favourite thing about it.

Doing Time – Jodi Taylor (3 stars)

Sadly, this was an average read for me. I went into this novel with some quite high expectations and it didn’t quite match them. While I enjoyed the use of time travel in this novel I felt that the characters were too stereotypical and the plot structure was all over the place.

Death Beside the Seaside – T.E. Kinsey (3 stars)

Another 3 star read. I didn’t particularly have any problems with this novel it just felt very average to me. One of the stand out features was the friendship between the two female protagonists, I really enjoyed their interactions.

The House of Night and Chain – David Annandale (4 stars)

Another book in the Warhammer 40k universe. I felt that this book focused more on the horror side of things rather than the science fiction side. A great read if you aren’t a big sci-fi reader but want to give the series ago.

Monsters and Mythical Creatures Around the World (2 stars + DNF)

Sadly I did not enjoy this book and DNFd it at 50%. I was half expecting it to be a little like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but it wasn’t quite like that. It was very informative and factual which was good but it just wasn’t very engaging.

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