Updated Favourites of All Time! 2019 Edition

The last time I made a post discussing my favourite books, it was in 2018 and was also the second post to go up on my blog! So, a lot of books have been read since then so I felt everyone needed update.

If you would like to read my original post, you can find it here! FYI, I have a teeny rule where I try to limit how many books in one series I add into my favourites list. The bigger the series, the more books I allow into my favourites but I try to keep to one book per series. So, that being you said you may see some differences between my original post and this one as I found the later books in the series to be better. Which is definitely a good thing!

So, the first one book I want to mention is a book I read in 2018 but read it after the post came out and that is:

  • Title: The Hobbit
  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Series: The Lord of the Rings #0.5
  • Genre: High Fantasy
  • Dates read: 11.12.18 – 26.12.18

Reasons why I liked it: I loved the world-building, the battle scenes were written extremely well and I really enjoyed Tolkien’s narrative voice. I fell in love with characters like Bombur and Bilbo and found myself really enjoying the main villan.

For more detailed reasons why I enjoyed this book take a look at my review!

  • Title: Thunderhead
  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • Series: Arc of a Scythe #2
  • Genre: Sci-fi
  • Dates read: 10.03.19 – 18.03.19

Reasons why I loved it: We really got deep into the politics and intricacies of how the world works in this story and I loved it. The first book was focused more on what a Scythe is but in this book it focused more on how a Scythe works and functions day to day and how the system works and also show how all systems are flawed. We see it all, the good guys, the corrupted guys the characters that choose to ignore what is going on and I felt really invested in the story. We got to also take a look at the world as a whole, the first book like I said was focused more on Scythes but in this book we got to branch out to different groups and philosophies. We also got to spend more time with my favourite character Scythe Curie!!

You can read more about my feelings in my review here.

  • Title: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
  • Author: Becky Chambers
  • Series: Wayfarers #1
  • Genre: Sci-fi
  • Dates Read: 11.04.19 – 17.04.19

Reasons why I loved it: I find sci-fi hit and miss when it comes to books. But I fell in love with this one as it focussed more on the characters than the big wide universe the characters traverse in this novel. While the plot is not its strongest point I think the characters were so detailed and layered that I found myself enjoying watching them talk to each other I didn’t need some crazy plot. I felt this was a great introduction into harder sci-fi.

You can read more about my feelings in my review here.

  • Title: Mortal Engines
  • Author: Phillip Reeve
  • Series: Mortal Engines Quartet #1
  • Genre: Sci-fi
  • Dates read: 29.05.19 – 10.06.19

Reasons why I loved it: The world was really interesting unlike anything I had read. It was really imaginative and I found myself enjoying every scene because there was always something new to explore. The characters individual journeys were really satisfying to read and develop. And let’s just admire how beautiful that cover is!

You can read more about my feelings in my review here.

  • Title: The Final Empire
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • Series: Mistborn #1
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Dates read: 19.07.19 – 30.07.19

Reasons why I loved it: The magic system in this book is unlike anything I had read or watched. I really enjoyed trying to wrap my head around how everything worked and functioned. The heist/revolution plot was incredible, it felt like I was reading some fantastical Ocean’s Eight movie and like in the movie there were some incredible characters. I am really looking forward to the next book!

You can read more about my feelings in my review here.

  • Title: The Eye of the World
  • Author: Robert Jordan
  • Series: The Wheel of Time #1
  • Genre: High Fantasy
  • Dates read: 10.09.19 – 14.12.19

Reasons why I loved it: To be honest I think what makes this book so great is the community! I am currently listening to about 3 podcasts about this book series, spoiler free obviously. As well as talking about it with people on social media but the great community aside the book is incredible. I found the writing really easy to follow so I lost myself in the story easily compared to the Lord of the Rings for example. The female characters were incredibly powerful which makes me very happy! But most importantly, I found myself incredibly excited whenever anything interesting happened it was probably the most invested I had been into a book in 2019!

You can read more about my feelings in my review here.

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