Books with Romance Plot Lines That I Loved

Now I don’t know whether any of you know but I am not a massive romance fan. I don’t read the romance genre and sometimes a romance plot line can make or break a book for me. I tend to spend more time on this blog complaining about romance in books more than I praise it. So today, I thought I would lift up books that I thought had pretty good romance plot lines.

Just for clarification – I like romance when it’s not the focus of the book. I prefer a side plot. Hence why I don’t read much of the romance genre.

Now, I was not a massive fan of this book. It was ok but to me there were a couple of structural issues and certain additions to this story felt like an after thought and it just didn’t work for me. Take a look at my review here.

But one thing that did work for me was the romance. It got to the point that the only reason I kept reading and will read the final book in the trilogy is because I want to see what happens to that couple. I thought they had great chemistry and I looked forward to seeing them be in scenes together.

This was one of my favourite reads of 2019! Mainly for how relatable the characters were. I enjoyed their friendship and I loved just watching them interact with each other. Take a look at my review here.

What I really enjoyed were the different types of couples in this story. You had a couple who were dealing with long distance, two couples whose relationships would be frowned upon and you had to watch the repercussions that has on the couple and on the individuals and you had a couple that weren’t a couple they were just fooling around but they had an open dialogue and it was really healthy. You also had an LGBTQ+ couple as well. Overall, such great variety.

While not my favourite book in the trilogy, actually my least favourite, I can’t deny that the romantic dynamics were great! It was one of my favourite elements of the story. Take a look at my review.

Apart from mentioning a lot of side characters who are hooking up with eachother and/or are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The main group has 3 couples all with different dynamics which I think made for a more interesting reading experience. You had one couple who had been together practically for the duration of the series and they have a strong relationship built with a lot of trust. You have one couple who are trying to figure out where they stand and if the only connection they have is the events that they experienced together. Maybe they aren’t right for each other? The last couple deals with a couple who broke up and are trying to see whether they should give it another shot. Again, like with the last book I mentioned. A lot of variety.

I love Madeline Miller’s work. Her book Circe was in my Top 3 books of 2019! This is probably the only book in this list that is predominantly a romance story. The romance is the main plot and I loved this couple. I personally preferred the parts of the story where we got to see their relationship develop and parts of the book that was about the Trojan War I found boring. I just wanted to read about Achilles and Patroclus’ relationship. I also thought this was a pretty healthy depiction of a LGBTQ+ relationship as well.

So, there you go! Next week, I am going to do romantic plot lines I didn’t like. Got to have a balance.

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