Books That I Think Would Make Great Adaptations!

So I created a TikTok where I talk about books as well as a variety of things but one of the trends that I participated in, was showing books that I loved to see adapted.

I wanted to share my ideas and choices with you guys here. Some of these, if you have been here for some time, will not be surprising!

I think this book would work really well as a mini-series. This book is about medium size so I don’t think it would have enough to make a 3+ season show. I think it work really well as 1 season, possibly 6-7 episodes. This show is also really dark and gory. It would be a bit like the Witcher. While I enjoyed the sequel Red Queen, I think the tone is so different to Alice so I would just prefer this book adapted.

Like with Alice I think the first book should be the only book that gets adapted. As I personally was disappointed by the other 2 books in this trilogy.

I feel that Disney would have a field-trip with this adaptation. The game of Caraval would be so much fun to portray on screen with it vibrant colours and fantastical designs. The costumes would be really cool as well. I think they could make it look like the live action Alice in Wonderland and Nutcracker movie.

I feel like this could either be 10 episode season or a 5 episode 2 season show. The book is very clearly structured into definitive sections that can be easily be split into episodes. I think this be such a great way to really delve into Circe’s character growth.

Now, I want the WHOLE series adapted! I want each book to be a movie and I want it to be Marvel standard. I need a Discworld Cinematic Universe, a DCU if you will! I just think this work so well, different directors directing the movies. Character crossovers! It would be amazing!

This would be a great dark academic movie! People would eat this movie up, stunning actors, angst, Shakespeare. THE DRAMA! But deep down this would be a great exploration of characters desires and taking stereotypical characters which they are in the beginning and watching them get deconstructed.

THE CW WOULD EAT THIS BOOK UP. Lowkey, it gives me Riverdale Season 1 vibes where it had so much potential but was still cringey! That being said, my worry is it would turn into a 13 Reasons Why situation where they would not portray the storylines well at all and it would start glamorising the struggles these characters face. As well as try and drag out the story into multiple seasons which it should not do! Though I do think the author just announced a sequel.

I will never stop talking about this MASTERPIECE of a book series. Classic one book for one season stuff here. I just think there is so much depth in this series it can’t be a movie series. I feel like the BBC should pick this up! As many episodes as possible to really showcase the nuance of each book! I would love to see the designs of all the different levels and you could have such a diverse cast as well!

Another movie that I think would work really well. Despite these being a big book I think it would work better as a movie or a very tiny mini-series. I would love to see the multiple actors playing one person and how they handle time in this book.

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