Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 2020

It’s just so crazy that we are already half-way through the year. I think 2020 has been both the longest and shortest year ever! I hope this year so far has been treating you well.

I am carrying on like last year and taking part in the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag. I really enjoyed doing it last year so I was super excited to be doing it again.

The Books I Have Read So Far…

I have read 31 books by the time this post comes out! Here are the list of books and link to any reviews I have made.

Challenge Update!

I have 4 challenges this year.

  • The Goodreads Challenge
  • The ONTD Challenge
  • The Sequels Challenge
  • The Second Chance Challenge

For more detail on what these challenges are about, you can find the post here.

Starting off the with the Goodreads challenge. I have read 31 books out of 45! So I am very much on track to complete my goal, I did DNF 4 books so far this year so my hope is to get to 49 to cover the books I didn’t complete.

For the ONTD challenge I am doing really well and I am on track for this challenge with a strong idea of the books I plan on reading for the future.

  • January ~ (Read a book that is being turned into a movie or TV show in 2020) ~ Obviously this book was read before Coronavirus hit so it is most likely that this movie will not be out this year. But I read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.
  • February ~ (Read a book set in Nigeria or written by a Nigerian Author) ~ My Sister, The Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite
  • March ~ (Read a book where fatherhood is the main theme) ~ The Sea of Monsters – Rick Riordan
  • April ~ (Read a book with a scandalous past) ~ The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • May ~ (Read a book where a cat is the main character) ~ Coraline – Neil Gaiman
  • June ~ Read a book published between 1946-64 or written by an author who is born between 1946-64 ~ Sourcery – Terry Pratchett (Author born between 1946-64)

For the sequels challenge. Again, I am on a pretty good trajectory and I have planned more or less when I will read the remaining sequels. Last year, I tried to get all my sequels read in the first half of the year but I wasn’t a fan of that experience, I felt to much pressure to read them so this year I decided to read them over the whole year. So these are books that I have read so far!

January ~ The Toll – Neal Shusterman

February ~

  • Tears of the Giraffe – Alexander McCall Smith
  • Murder at Enderley Hall – Helena Dixon
  • The Sea of Monsters – Rick Riordan

March ~

  • Closed Casket – Sophie Hannah
  • The Great Hunt – Robert Jordan

April ~ The Hod King – Josiah Bancroft

May ~

  • The Mystery of the Blue Train – Agatha Christie
  • Finale – Stephanie Garber
  • Predator’s Gold – Phillip Reeve

June ~ Sourcery – Terry Pratchett

Finally, is my second chance challenge. I have only read 2 of my 5 books for this challenge and one I really didn’t enjoy and the other was a DNF. These books were: Stardust – Neil Gaiman and The Original Tales of the Brothers Grimm – Brothers Grimm

Best Book You Have Read So Far!

So for this book I chose my most recent book which Daughters of Night by Laura Shepherd-Robinson. This was a historical fiction murder mystery set in 18th century London. The plot was incredibly intricate and had me guessing until the end. The main character was such a powerful woman and I felt the multiple POVs help the pacing of the book really well and helped add to the world-building.

Best Sequel You Have Read So Far!

I read so many sequels in the first half of 2020 and I struggled to choose but ultimately I went with Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah. The reason I chose this book was I read the first book in the series The Monogram Murders and while I liked it I wasn’t blown away. I went into this book apprehensive but Hannah delivered!! I was over the moon and I feel more confident with continuing this series after this book!

A New Release You Haven’t Read But Are Excited For!

I chose The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton. I read his debut book The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and absolutely loved it so I am hoping to love this one just the same!

Biggest Disappointment So Far!

I am very sad about my pick for this prompt. I picked up this book after hearing amazing things on BookTube! One of the people who got me into the Wheel of Time, one of my new favourite series, raves about this book so I was hoping to enjoy it aswell.

Instead I was met with a alright mystery but a lot of misogyny and sexism. The female characters were poorly written and over-sexualised which took me right out of the story. I will not be continuing with this series.

Biggest Surprise so far!

So far this year I have only read 2 YA books. I found that I was struggling to enjoy a lot of YA fantasy books last year. I just felt very meh towards them so when I went into this book I was anxious. I didn’t want the same experience.

But, I ended up loving it so much and it restored my faith in YA fantasy! It was a pleasant surprise! My pick is House of Salt and Sorrows – Erin A. Craig.

Favourite New Author!

I have decided to go for Helena Dixon, author of the Miss Underhay Mystery series. I have read 3 of her books so far. 1 last year and 2 this year and I find myself enjoying every single one and it’s always such a positive experience when I read her books. I always look forward to the next instalment!

Favourite New Character!

Like last time I have a couple of standout characters so far this year.

  • Jerico – The Toll
  • Tyson – The Sea of Monsters
  • Kosuke Kindaichi – The Honjin Murders
  • Caro Corsham – Daughter of Night

A Book That Made You Cry!

This year I didn’t have a stand out book that made me cry but the book I do choose is The Toll – Neal Shusterman. This was the final book in a trilogy I was whole-heartedly invested in! So I felt really sad at finishing such an important series in my life.

A Book That Made You Happy!

For this prompt I chose The Hod King by Josiah Bancroft. I read the book before this one last year and while I really enjoyed it I felt something was slightly missing. When I read this book I felt exactly how I did when I read the first book of this series. I was so excited to pick up this book and all I wanted to do was read it. This is one of my favourite series of ALL TIME! I love this series!

The Most Beautiful Book You Have Received or Bought This Year

My choice for this prompt is Predator’s Gold – Phillip Reeve. While the book itself was disappointing I found the cover to be absolutely stunning!

What Books Do You Need To Read By The End of This Year?

Like I said earlier on, I have read 31 book so far and my goal is 45. But I did DNF 4 books so I want to make sure I read 4 extra books to make up for the 4 I DNFed. So, that brings me to 49.

I have 3 books I need to read for my Second Chance Challenge, 5 books left on my Sequels Challenge and I have some more books lined up for the ONTD so I feel like those will be my priority moving forward.

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