The Well of Ascension Review

  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • Series: Mistborn #2
  • No. of pages: 800
  • Dates read: 16.07.20 – 23.07.20
  • Star Rating: 5 star and Favourite!
  • Challenge: 2020 Sequels and ONTD Challenge (July)

Plot: Vin, the street urchin who has grown into the most powerful Mistborn in the land, and Elend Venture, the idealistic young nobleman who loves her, must build a healthy new society in the ashes of an empire. Three separate armies attack. As the siege tightens, an ancient legend seems to offer a glimmer of hope. But even if it really exists, no one knows where to find the Well of Ascension or what manner of power it bestows.

I mean, I have no words.

I cannot begin to explain how great this book was so please enjoy my incoherent ramblings!

Overall, the magic system is just masterful. I love exploring each facet of allomancy, what you gain, what is restricted also I loved the fact that we still don’t know everything that this system has to offer. There is still so much more to explore.

We meet our characters a year after the end of the last book having just taken over the Final Empire and what I love is we really get to see the hardships these characters face. It is not easy building an Empire from scratch especially not one that already had a system in place. We really see a variety of thoughts and feelings on this. We even see the characters commending the Lord Ruler on some of the systems he put in place as it kept order and I thought that was an interesting idea of them agreeing with some of the practices that the LR put in place even though they overthrew him.

This book was definitely a lot more political than I expected but I really enjoyed the political side of the story. I definitely felt that the fantasy element at times took a step back from the main story and allowed for the focus to be more political which at times was great and at other times I was needing my elements of fantasy back.

I love the characters in this story. Their different dynamics, the sacrifices they would make for each other and how hard they would fight for one another.

I really enjoyed the character of Zane he was giving me Prince Zuko vibes, watching him work through his own demons and figure out what he wants from life was a nice change from either super good or evil. I really enjoyed Sanderson’s more grey-area characters in this story. Though a lot of unanswered questions were left regarding Zane which I hope we find some clarity on, even just a little bit, in the next book.

Vin and Elend’s character development were amazing. Watching Vin learn to trust her friends and most importantly herself more! And Elend learning how to become a great leader! Chef’s Kiss!

My favourite part of this book though is that we are still trying to piece together the story of the Lord Ruler’s ascension. Who is this Hero of Ages, what is the Well of Ascension, what happened when the Lord Ruler took power all those years ago! Sanderson did a great job of answering some lingering questions but leaving enough questions hanging in the air that makes you want to read the next book. One moment I was learning more about the characters from the last book and then I am met with numerous new questions to ponder on!

Honestly, there is so much I can say but I am just to overwhelmed with emotions! THAT ENDING! I have already picked up the next book though I don’t know if I will get time to read it before the end of the year.

The next book I will be reviewing is The Girl in Red by Christina Henry. A loose re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood set during the aftermath of a mass pandemic. Not much different to our own we are all currently experiencing! Probably should have kept this on the shelf for a bit longer.

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