India Reads 2 Year Anniversary!

I cannot believe it! 2 YEARS! I have been doing all this for 2 years!! When I first started this blog I wasn’t sure how it was going to go whether people were even going to read what I had to say. I just liked the idea to have on record my own thoughts and feelings of books I have read and as of 21/11/2020 when I am writing this post I have 150 followers! I have seen my blog get better and better over this year as I started taking it more seriously and I have been trying to push myself more into the online book community!

So what have I been doing in the last year?


As you all must know I have my own bookish related twitter account, @readsindia if you want to check it out. I wanted to do this because I wanted to connect more to the bookish community but also to promote my blog as at the time I was just hoping the WordPress algorithm was going to be my friend. I can guarantee my increase in followers has been down to using twitter and I find it so much fun to use. I also get to see any new releases or bookish news that I may have missed.

What I also started doing at the beginning of the year was doing mini-reviews of books on my twitter and mentioning the authors in the tweets. (ONLY if I liked the book FYI). I have been very lucky that some of the authors have retweeted my reviews and replied to them which has allowed this little blog to be noticed more and more. Using Twitter has been a gamechanger for India Reads.


I also have continued to use Netgalley this year and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to review so many books a couple of weeks before the release date. It just so happens that my favourite book of the year was given to me from Netgalley. I won’t list the numerous books I have reviewed for Netgalley but take a look at my two ARC posts I published this year as there are some great books mentioned in those lists.


So I wanted to mention some of the series I finished this past year as well as talk about some of the new series I am super excited to be getting into as well but then I realised I had already made two blog posts talking about it.

Book Series I Have Completed So Far #2 lists the 3 series I finished this year. One of them actually made me cry I was so upset finishing it because I could no longer have an adventure with those characters who I loved deeply and another was just pretty much awful and I don’t know why I continued reading it. Check it out!

All the Series I am Currently Reading at the Moment #1 is the first post I plan on doing every August where I just talk about the book series on my on-going list. I try every year to read at least one book from every single series I have spinning and there are a lot. This is a really fun post as these series really excite me and you may find a series you have never heard of before here!

My favourite posts from India Reads Year 2

Finally, I wanted to list a couple of posts that I really liked from the past year of my blog.

First up, is All the Books I Read so Far on my Kindle I thought this was a super fun post and I enjoyed looking back on some of the books that I read. It’s a pretty long post but I liked it nonetheless.

Another post I really enjoyed was all about Genre! In this post I discuss the genres I tended to lean more towards, ones I wasn’t very sure on and genres I tended to avoid due to not having great experiences with them. This was super fun as I was able to put into words my thoughts on genre that I had been thinking about for a long time.

One of my faves was Popular Books That I Haven’t Read and Don’t Plan To. I really want this to be an annual post. But it pretty much says what it does on the tin this blog post. I also included in this post a really good blog post about a Korean-American bloggers thoughts on Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and the bad rep regarding Korean people in this series. It is a really good read.

My Bookish Tropes I Love post was a fave of mine due to the fact I could include loads of recommendations for anybody reading the post. I am not super knowledgeable when it comes to tropes in literature but I enjoyed researching and finding out good examples to use for this post. Super fun!

So there you have it! Just a tiny little recap of my 2nd year blogging. I just want to thank anyone who has liked, commented and/or followed my blog whether it was from the beginning or just recently. I really enjoy doing this and it’s so much fun. I hope to have another great year!

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