November Wrap Up 2020

This month was a pretty good month. To be honest, the way that I view November is that it’s a bridge month to Christmas and the New Year!! This was also the month I finished my ONTD Reading Challenge!!!

  • I read 4 books this month.
  • I DNFed 1 book this month.
  • I read 2 books for my ONTD challenge.
  • I completed my ONTD challenge!
  • Genre: I read 4 fantasy!
  • Age range: I read 3 adult and 1 middle grade.
  • Formant: I read 1 paperback and 3 hardcovers.

The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (5 stars)

This was a re-read for me and I remember this not being my fave book of the series so going into it I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I was. I found myself tearing up at the end and falling in love with a character I wasn’t a fan of when I was younger!

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink (4 stars)

I didn’t know what to expect from this book has I hadn’t listened to the podcast for about 2 years. Was I going to get the references? Was I going to enjoy it? I ended up thoroughly enjoying this book and the main character in particular!

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan (5 stars)

This was one long book, and turns out not as long as book 4! I really enjoyed this book. I preferred where the focus of the story went prioritizing the side characters over the main one. Adding more to the lore of the land and that ending was impactful! Not sure how I feel about the next 1000+ page book next!

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James (DNF)

This one was not it for me! I was super looking forward to reading all about the lore and the mythology and after hearing great things and it winning awards I was pumped! Sadly, while yes it was rich with lore and myth, the book was filled with many triggering elements from sexual assault to violence. I felt very uncomfortable reading it which is a shame as it had great representation regarding LGBTQ+ and black characters.