2020 Unhaul

So, I didn’t do a post like this last year but I have seen a lot of unhaul posts and videos circulating recently. I personally really enjoy watching and reading unhaul content. I don’t really know why I just tend to find them really interesting and a lot more enjoyable than just videos or posts about people’s favourite books. That sounds so negative!

I wanted to do my own unhaul post but instead of doing it every now and again I have decided that every January I will create a blog post telling you guys, all the books that I want to unhaul from the last reading year. E.g. This year I will be unhauling some of the books I owned but did not enjoy from 2020. They did not spark joy!! I will only be including physical books I own, I am not including any eARCs or Kindle books.

I also do this every year as I have one bookshelf and a book cart so I need to free up some space.

When Did I Read This Book: January 2020

So, I originally read this book as part of a challenge to re-read books I had previously DNFed. I was hoping to fall in love with this book a second time round. Well, I hated it even more this time. To me, it sadly felt basic and surface level. I actually preferred the movie adaptation of the book. I felt the movie had a lot more depth.

When Did I Read This Book: April 2020

This was also a part of that re-read challenge. I loved the movie and remember finding the book a bit to hard to grasp when I first read it. Re-reading it again, while I could grasp the story more I just found it to be incredibly boring! I DNFed this book.

When Did I Read This Book: April 2020

I was super excited to read this book as I had heard loads of hype surrounding this series. When I picked up the book and started reading it I was disappointed to see a lot of misogynistic undertones and badly written female characters. I just really didn’t enjoy it and while I did hear that it gets better as the series goes on I don’t want to wait for it to get better.

When Did I Read This Book: May 2020

I read the first book in this series in 2019 and I really enjoyed it. The world building was incredible, I was super excited to get into the sequel but sadly I didn’t enjoy it. Mainly, because I struggled with the main characters. The main male character was really bland with basically no personality yet the two main female characters loved him which made no sense and the girls were just fighting over him. One of the female characters was always referenced as being ugly because she had a massive scar on her face which I hated the connotation that a scar means your ugly and the other female character was only written to be part of a love triangle and was really bitchy. It is a no from me!

When Did I Read This Book: July 2020

I am super disappointed to have to include a Christina Henry book. I used to be her biggest fan but it seems to be that her last two books were just really lackluster. I just couldn’t connect to this one. Now this book falls under the same criticism that I had with the Fellowship of the Ring, there was just too much walking. I was so bored by the constant chapters of her just walking all the time, it had a really interesting premise but it just failed to capture my attention.

When Did I Read This Book: July 2020

Similar to Stardust etc. I just wanted to re-read and see how I felt but for no real fault of anyone involved I just couldn’t connect to the story and I found myself being drawn to other books so I put it down and DNFed it.

When Did I Read This Book: August 2020

So, one major thing I always say when it comes to books is that I am a plot-based reader. I tend to not enjoy many books that are character focused (though there have been exceptions) but sadly this book wasn’t the case. I just struggled with this book. I feel like there was meant to be some big message about humanity but I just didn’t know what it was. I felt that I was missing out on some big meaning behind this book. Because there wasn’t a strong sense of plot I was just lost reading it. Which was a shame as this was a very hyped book.

When Did I Read This Book: October 2020

Very similar to Storm Front here. I was super excited to get into this series but sadly I was disappointed. Every single female character is objectified and sexualised. The author hid behind the protagonist being a black man to write sweeping generalizations and stereotypes regarding black women. Which made me very uncomfortable.

When Did I Read This Book: December 2020

So, this book is super graphic from violence to sex scenes and personally it was just too much for me to handle. I knew it was going to be graphic going into this book but I was not prepared. This book is filled with many triggers from sexual assaults to death etc. Triggers of the most graphic nature. So I couldn’t get very far with this book personally.

There you go. All the books I plan on unhauling from last year. I plan on sending these to my local library as they are in such good condition.

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