Top 5 Bookish Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now #3

It’s a new year which means a new bookish podcast recommendation post! As you can tell by the title, this is my third time making this video. So, I am super excited to talk about some new bookish themed podcasts ranging from Harry Potter to Twilight! Let’s jump right in!

The Wheel Takes

Very similar to the podcast The Wheel Weaves which I mentioned last year, this follows Wheel of Time fan Gus and his fiancé Ali as Ali reads through the Wheel of Time series for the very first time.

While The Wheel Weaves goes deep into theories and minute details, The Wheel Takes takes a more comedic and light-hearted approach while not letting you miss anything out from the chapters they are discussing. I have laughed out many times to this podcast and I find the chemistry and dynamic between Ali and Gus to be one of the major highlights of this podcasts. I love listening to them joke about and have a good time together.

I am personally listening my way through Book 2 but they are currently on Book 5.

Hot and Bothered

You might have heard me talk about a Harry Potter themed podcast called Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, well, Vanessa Zoltan, one of the hosts from that podcast, created this podcast which was orignally all about romance novels. Once quarantine hit, Vanessa and her Hot and Bothered co-host Julia joined forces to take you through every single chapter of the Twilight Franchise.

As I write this I have just started the second book New Moon while the podcast itself is about a quarter way through Eclipse.

Witch Please

So, this is a Harry Potter podcast by two queer, female authors and the focus is an intersectional feminist lense. They take a look at both the Harry Potter movies and books and apply media, literary and feminist theory to the content. Originally, they just discussed the books and movies as a whole but more recently they have taken a deep dive into each individual story and look at how specific tropes are presented in the novels. If you are a big fan of deep dives and theory when it comes to your books, you will love this!

I have just started their new deep dive episodes starting with Book 1. The first episode for their mini Philosopher’s Stone series looks at The Chosen One trope.

Lore OlymPOD

A very new podcast to me but this follows two friends who discuss the greek mythology re-telling webcomic Lore Olympus. They go through 2 episodes at a time and talk about theories, the art style, the drama and they are really funny while doing it. It’s a great companion podcast as you make your way through the comic.

As of now while I have only just started, they themselves have actually finished Season 1!

The Sanderlanche Podcast

So, this podcast is all about the author Brandon Sanderson. We follow 4 friends, one who has read Sanderson’s books and three who haven’t read any at all. In this podcast they discuss the content while giving their opinions on the characters, events and theorise what could happen next.

Right now they are making their way through the final book in the Mistborn trilogy and I have got about a quarter way through Book 1 of the Mistborn trilogy.

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