Books That Would Make Great Video Game Adaptations

Helloooo. I hope we are all well! This week I decided to talk about books that I think should be video games. We see a lot of discussions surrounding TV and movie adaptations, I mean the Wheel of Time show is out next month, but what I don’t see enough talk of is video game adaptations of books. I feel like there are loads of books out there that would be amazing if they were turned into video games. So, without further a do, here is a list of some standout books that I think could be adapted really well!

  • Title: Battle Royale
  • Author: Koushun Takami
  • Series: Standalone
  • Genre: Thriller and Soft Sci-Fi

Plot: A class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are provided arms and forced to kill until only one survivor is left standing. 

Now this I think would make a great game. The map would be the entire island and I think you would be able to pick a character from a big roster and try and survive the Battle Royale. The game would also be affected by the choices you make, who to kill, who to spare, alliances you make and so forth.

  • Title: City of Secrets
  • Author: Victoria Ying
  • Series: City of Secrets #1
  • Genre: Steampunk

Plot: Ever Barnes is a shy orphan guarding a secret in an amazing puzzle box of a building. Most of the young women who work at the building’s Switchboard Operating Facility, which connects the whole city of Oskar, look the other way as Ever roams around in the shadows. But one of them, Lisa, keeps an eye on the boy. So does the head of the Switchboard, Madame Alexander . . . a rather sharp eye. Enter Hannah, the spunky daughter of the building’s owner. She thinks Ever needs a friend, even if he doesn’t know it yet. Good thing she does! Lisa and Madame Alexander are each clearly up to something. Ever is beset by a menacing band of rogues looking to unlock the secret he holds–at any cost. And whatever is hidden deep in the Switchboard building will determine all of their futures.

This book is giving me major Professor Layton vibes, I think this would be a great mystery game in which you explore the Switchboard. Maybe even have it as an escape room vibe un which you discover the secrets and learn more about the characters. The art work in this novel is gorgeous and that NEEDS to be showcased!

  • Series: Discworld Series
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • Genre: Fantasy

So, I wanted to tackle the series as a whole here and I would love it if you get to create your own avatar and get to go around the world exploring the Discworld, meeting notable characters, going on a variety of quests and visiting iconic locations! I just think it would be a super entertaining and exciting world to get lost into.

  • Series: The Wheel of Time Series
  • Author: Robert Jordan
  • Genre: High Fantasy

Finally, I want to do something similar to Red Dead Redemption and The Witcher series. I feel like you should follow one of the main characters and follow their path through the series. Since we follow loads of different characters it would be so cool to be able to follow their individual journeys through the game. Also, it’s an RPG dream, the map is stupendous, the magic system is great and the locations are monumental.

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