India Reads 3 Year Anniversary!

3 whole years of India Reads! 1095 days, 156 weeks, 36 months of me creating and building this blog dedicated to my love of books!!! First of all I want to say my anniversary is actually on the 25th but I have a super exciting review coming up on that day so I am celebrating today instead! I would also like to thank everyone who has read, liked, commented and followed this blog. This blog is my baby and I am so happy I get to experience this with you all!

So some big things that have occurred in the year are:

Mini Round Up

  • Number of published posts for this year: 103
  • Number of books reviewed for this year: 46
  • Most popular blog post of the past year: WebToon Recommendations


So, earlier this year I officially became a bookseller. I never thought I would be able to work with books outside of this blog but I have been having the best time learning the ropes and talking all things books. Some exciting things are coming up in the new year which I can’t wait to get started on!

Staple Posts

Over the past year I have also started creating what I called “staple posts” which are posts that will be repeated year after year. Books like seasonal recommendations, Halloween Recommendations, Author Shoutouts, Bookish Romances I Loved and many more. These are super exciting to create and allow me to talk about a variety of books and get more creative with my blog as well as helping future me when it comes to coming up with new ideas as this blog gets older!

My Top 3 Favourite Posts from India Reads Year 3

So, one of my favourite posts this year was 1000% my WebToon Recommendations post. I was able to highlight some absolute incredible web comics that maybe some people hadn’t heard of and it was fun to be able to learn and explore the world of webcomics and WebToon as a whole.

Something new that I have started and plan to continue in my blog’s future is a Quartley Check In. I felt this was a really good way to further keep me on track for all of my goals and allow me to take the year in as a whole. I personally love any posts like this so it was fun to make.

My all time favourite review this year was without a doubt my Percy Jackson and the Olympians Re-Read Review. I was able to talk about one of my favourite childhood series and also review the series as a whole and talk about the story/character arcs which was super fun. I had only done one series review once in my blogs history and that was a small series. Tackling a review which covers 5 whole books was a bit daunting but super exciting.

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