My 2021 Wrap Up

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2021 is officially over and 2022 has officially begun! That is crazy! This is my fourth time wrapping up a year of reading and I am super excited to show you all the reading year I have done! That being said despite this being the most successful reading year in terms of the number of books I have read, I didn’t do so great on some of my challenges and also… I just didn’t find quite a lot of the books I read to be as memorable. I hope 2022 will bring me loads of joy! For this wrap up, I will be using stats taken from both the Goodreads Wrap Up and some reading spreadsheets I have collated from Reader Voracious and Ali from Hardback Hoarder. This year is also the year where I try and make these posts more visually appealing as well as originally it was very text heavy!

So there are actually a couple of things I wanted to talk about before jumping into the main focus of this post. So, 2 major bookish things have happened to me.

First of all, I started a bookstagram! Yes, I finally decided to create one. I am not amazing at taking beautifully aesthetic photos but I thought it would be fun to reach another kind of audience through instagram and also give a more personal touch to this blog as well as you can see what I am doing on a more day to day basis. So, if you want to follow, check out indiareadsalot on instagram!

The other thing was getting my job as a Bookseller!!! I started the job in early September and I am loving it so far. I know going forward that working in a bookstore is really going to influence what I read. I will have a greater assessibility to read more new books as over the last couple of years I have been reading mainly backlist.

So, yes those were the two big things I wanted to talk about now let’s get to the main event!

Basic Stats

  • I read 27, 980 pages
  • I read 75 books
  • I re-read 2 books
  • I DNFed 7 books
  • My average book length was 383
  • My average books rating was 3.8
  • I read 57% of my physical TBR

The shortest book I read in 2021 – 34 pages

This was a super cute picture book I read at work on Halloween. It was super easy to promote around that time and I wholeheartedly loved this book.

The longest book I read in 2021 – 1,277 pages

Now this is a bit tricky to calculate since this is actually a webcomic and you can’t really accurately calculate episodes into page numbers but still I’m going to take and accept this!

My most popular book.

This book was shelved by over 1.3 million people on Goodreads.

My least popular book.

This book was shelved by 15 people on Goodreads.

The book I read with the highest rating on Goodreads.

4.75 stars

Rating Breakdown!

I didn’t realise how many 5 stars I gave out this year! I really thought I was quite harsh with my ratings but boy was I wrong!


Bullet TrainKotaro Isaka
Beasts Made of NightTochi Onyebuchi
Forest of a Thousand LanternsJulie C. Dao
Guards! Guards!Terry Pratchett
The BindingBridget Collins
The Child Thief Brom
RumaysaRadiya Haifza


The Plague LettersV. L. Valentine

2-2.5 STARS

Shadow and BoneLeigh Bardugo
Breach of PeaceDaniel B. Greene
The Decagon House MurdersYukito Ayatsuji
Labyrinth Coronation: Volume 1Simon Spurrier, Daniel Bayliss & Dan Jackson
Komi Can’t Communicate: Volume 1Tomohito Oda
The Whistling Rebecca Netley
The PlottersUn-Su Kim
The Steam Dragon ExpressR. Merryweather
Death Going DownMaria Angelica Bosco
Ouran High School Host Club: Volume 1Bisco Hatori
GhibliothequeMichael Leader and Jake Cunningham
Seven DownDavid Whitton
Methods of Dyeing B. Mure

3-3.5 STARS

The Art of DyingAmbrose Parry
Descendant of the CraneJoan He
Stars Wars: From a Certain Point of ViewVarious
The Mystery of Three QuartersSophie Hannah
Attack of Titan: Volume 1Hajime Isayama
The Inugami CurseSeishi Yokomizo
Always HumanAri North
One Piece: Volume 1Eiichiro Oda
Far From the Light of HeavenTade Thompson
City of SecretsVictoria Ying
Year of the Reaper Makiia Lucier
The Little Wooden Robot and the Log PrincessTom Gauld
Murder on the Orient ExpressAgatha Christie

4-4.5 STARS

The Fifth SeasonN.K. Jemisin
The Strange Tales of Oscar ZahnTri Vuong
Lord Edgware DiesAgatha Christie
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeAkira Himekawa
Red Seas Under Red SkiesScott Lynch
PIGPENKim Carnby
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MaskAkira Himekawa
AriadneJennifer Saint
The Shadow RisingRobert Jordan
Saga: Volume 1Brian K. Vaughn
An Ember in the AshesSabaa Tahir
Your LetterHyeon A Cho
The Six Wives of Henry VIIIAlison Weir
The Monsters of RookhavenPádraig Kenny
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Black Girl MagicLily Workneh (Editor)
Gustavo, the Shy GhostFlavia Z. Drago
The Remarried EmpressAlphatart
The Alloy of LawBrandon Sanderson
Shadows of SelfBrandon Sanderson
Beneath the CitadelDestiny Soria


Lore Olympus: Season 1Rachel Smythe
Fullmetal Alchemist: Volumes 10-12Hiromu Arakawa
The Poppy WarR.F. Kuang
Orange: Volume 1Ichigo Takano
Orange: Volume 2Ichigo Takano
The Battle of the LabyrinthRick Riordan
The Last OlympianRick Riordan
We Hunt the FlameHafsah Faizal
Fullmetal Alchemist: Volumes 13-15Hiromu Arakawa
The Devil and the Dark WaterStuart Turton
Miss Abbot and the DoctorMaripaz Villar
Mexican GothicSilvia Moreno-Garcie
The AppealJanice Hallett
Ace of SpadesFaridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
All of Us VillainsAmanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman
The Year of the Witching Alexis Henderson
The Fall of BabelJosiah Bancroft
Leo and the Gorgon’s CurseJoe Todd-Stanton
Marcy and the Riddle of the SphinxJoe Todd-Stanton
Arthur and the Golden RopeJoe Todd-Stanton

Format Breakdown

  • Paperback – 43
  • eBook – 22
  • Hardcover – 10

I am not shocked at all by these results at all. I am a paperback girl through and through!

Genre Breakdown

These two photos include my primary and secondary genres for the books. I know some of them are more mediums like graphic novels and picture books but I wanted to note those down as well.

So, surprising to no-one was that fact that I read mostly fantasy. I was more surprised by the lack of mystery this year as 2020 was full of loads of crime books I hope to change that this year.

Age Group Breakdown

  • Adult – 41
  • New Adult – 3
  • Young Adult – 20
  • Middle Grade – 6
  • Childrens – 5

Not surprised by these results. As I get older I tend to read more adult books and that was the case for most of the year. It wasn’t until September did I decide to dive back into the YA bracket. Joining my bookstore also ignited a new found love for the middle grade book bracket as it highlighted so many amazing books I never see promoted online.

Source Breakdown

  • Owned – 41
  • Gift – 10
  • NetGalley – 9
  • WebToon – 9
  • Publisher – 2
  • Borrowed – 2
  • Kindle – 2

What was super exciting this year was being able to read books specifically sent to me from both authors and publishers which is something I haven’t really experienced before!

Gender Breakdown

This may not be the most accurate but I tried to research as hard as I can.

  • He/Him – 31
  • She/Her – 39
  • Transgender – 1
  • Unknown – 2 (Due to being written by more than 1 person)

Author Breakdown

Also with this area as well I tried to research to make sure I was super accurate.

  • White – 35
  • Asian – 24
  • Black – 6
  • Middle Eastern – 3
  • Latinx – 3
  • Pacific Islander – 1
  • Unknown – 1

Reference Breakdown

  • Browsing – 25
  • Other – 20 (These were mainly books that I heard of due to my sequel challenge)
  • Social Media – 15
  • Bookseller – 7
  • Publisher – 7
  • Author – 2

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