Top 5 Bookish Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now #4

It’s that time of year again when I highlight some brand new podcasts that I have started. This is my 4th time doing this post. I am always so happy to highlight some great podcasts but the more I do this the more liberties I take with what I mean when I say “bookish” as some of them may not strictly be associated with books.

The Newest Olympian

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Fresh off the height of Potterless fame, a podcast about a grown man reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, Mike Schubert debuted his brand new podcast about the Percy Jackson series late last year. This follows the host Mike who talks about his journey, theories and thoughts on the Percy Jackson series with Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology fans. I think Mike is a great host, I always love his guests. It’s so fun to listen to him guess what’s going to happen next in the series. As of now, he is making his way through Book 2, The Sea of Monsters.

Dungeons & Daddies

Dungeons and Dragons

Now I have heard of Dungeons and Dragons and have watched things like Dimension 20. I wanted to get as much D&D content into my life as I could and this podcast just hit the nail on the head. The story is so engaging, the characters are great, the players and DM are so funny that I literally have to stop myself laughing. I am only 10 episodes into this and I know they have just started season 2. This follows 4 Dads who go through a magical portal and end up in a magical high fantasy world, it’s up to them to find and rescue their sons.

The Amelia Project

An original story

The Amelia Project (which I have only just started listening to) follows a mysterious company that can fake your death and give you a brand new identity. Each episode follows a different person who request the services of The Amelia Project. We follow these characters, learn about their life and what led them up to each point. As the episodes continue a bigger over-arching narrative seems to form. It’s smartly written, a good character study and at times very funny. I love learning about all the different characters.


Historical True Crime

Criminalia is a podcast I came upon by chance and was one of the main podcasts that got me through a lot of 2020. This is a podcast telling you true cases through history of various criminals. Season 1 focuses on female poisoners and Season 2, which I am listening to now, is all about stalkers. I love learning about the past and I think this is such an interesting way to get a snapshot of what our world was like years and years ago.

Normal Gossip


Now, this one is a bit out there. It’s not really bookish. It’s essentially a podcast where people get together and talk about their views on gossiping as a whole as well as sharing a piece of gossip that they know. You could say it’s a storytelling podcast or a podcast discussing real-life issues. I personally really like it as I’m a bit of a nosy person. Let me tell you there have been times where I have audibly gasped out loud due to the shock of what is being said. Not really bookish though.

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