Books With Romances I Love

Bringing back and old but great blog post this week. I find that as the years have gone on my appreciation for the romance genre and romance in general has increased. I used to be someone that swore of romance and didn’t want to read it but now I enjoy it more and more. Today I will be talking about some of my favourite couples in books.

  • Couple: Nyenave and Lan
  • Book/Series: Wheel of Time
  • Author: Robert Jordan

The definition of less is more. In the 4 books I have read, they have barely any page time together, but when they do, I find myself on the edge of my seat. I’m reading every single word, not skimming the pages or anything. I think the fact that we rarely see them adds to the desire to see them together more. I don’t care for Rand and his love life. In fact, I wish we saw less of it. I want more of Nynaeve and Lan, right now! What I also like about this couple is that it’s not an issue of neither will admit their feelings. But more about them acknowledging that their feelings are there but their duty is what is keeping them apart from each other. It makes the longing WORSE! I love them.

  • Couple: Annabeth and Percy
  • Book/Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Author: Rick Riordan

In honour of the casting being annoucned not too long a go. It got me excitied about all the beautiful friendships etc. that get made and are forged in this series. Growing up, I always wanted a relationship like Annabeth and Percy. Starting out as friends, growing up together, fighting and killing monsters set out to kill you! Bonding experiences. But in all honesty I love their relationship not just in this series but also in the follow up series. What is so great about this one though is the fact that the reader realises it before the characters do and its a very satisfying slow-burn romance.

  • Couple: Hugo and Wallace
  • Book/Series: Under the Whispering Door
  • Author: TJ Klune

Still my favourite book of 2022. While the romance is a very big part of the story, what I love about this book is the relationships Wallace has with all the characters in the story. To be honest, this book feels like one big therapy session. One big blanket as you’re sat by the fire. Hugo and Wallace bring out the best in eachother and it was lovely watching their romance blossom. When I finished the book I ran straight to Google to find some fan art of those two together as I visually needed to see them being all happy and cute.

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