Books That Would Make Great Adaptations #3

Happy Monday everyone! Today I will be talking about some books that I think would make great TVs how/movie adaptations. I have 5 books/series I want to talk about today, so let’s jump right in!

It Happened One Summer – Tessa Bailey


This is just the ultimate rom-com. Netflix would make loads of money and get loads of views if they adapted this book as a movie. The characters have got great chemistry, the plot/dialogue is so funny, this book isn’t alos just about the romance but also the growth the two characters experience individually which is also really lovely. I could 1000% see this as a movie. I just haven’t got round to fancasting yet!

Beast and Beauty – Soman Chainani

TV Series

This would be such an amazing series. My idea would be to have each episode be a full story with about 6 episodes per season. This book has so much variety and scope that each episode would be so different from the others. It would be like watching a short film. I think it would be such a great idea. Maybe in the future they’ll do it as this authors other book The School for Good and Evil is due to be realeased as a movie adaptation this year on Netflix.

The Broken Earth Trilogy – N.K. Jemisin

TV Series

I haven’t even finished this series yet but I know the ending is going to be insane. This fantasy series is unlike any other I have read. It is amazing and everyone needs to read these books. I think this would make an amazing high budget TV show. I want the kind of Game of Thrones level of dedication with this series (without the absolute cock up of an ending).

Iron Widow – Xiran Jay Zhao


Now for this one I am talking Avatar level of movie production. Long run time, amazing CGI, the works. While it would also make a great TV show I think the movie production level for all the mecha fight scenes would be phenomenal! I would love to see book and it’s follow up adapted ASAP please!

Brownstones Mythical Collection – Joe Todd-Stanton

Animated Movies

These books are SOOOOO underrated. The artstyle is beautiful, the amount of detail is astounding and the stories have such beautiful messages. I would love to see these adapted into animated movies for children. Not only would it visually look amazing but the messages behind the stories are amazing.

3 thoughts on “Books That Would Make Great Adaptations #3

  1. Eh, I’d read the last book of the Broken Earth trilogy before you get too hyped, unfortunately. The series starts out FANTASTIC, and I LOVE the first book but dang does it just kinda fizzle out by the last book. The last book was disappointing, and honestly it left the series as a whole a big ol’ meh.

    BUT YES TO IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER being a fantastic romcom. Someone could make big bucks on that one, for sure.


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