The Last Book I… Tag

So, I saw Jordyn from Birdie’s Book Nook do this and I thought that I hadn’t done a tag in ages. So let’s go for it!

The Last Book I Bought!

So, literally just the other day just purchased Bodies from the Library Vol. 1 and Children of the Whales Vol. 1. I had been waiting for volume 1 of COTW for age, literally months so the minute I saw it I snatched it right up! Also, I love a good classic crime novel and short stories so I thought BFTL was a good shout!

The Last Book I Borrowed

So I am actually currently Haikyu!! Vol. 3 on my Libby App and so far I am really enjoying it. I am not that far into Haikyu!! but I am really enjoying the story.

The Last Book I Was Gifted

So both these books were gifted to me from their respective publishers. I am currently reading Nura and the Immortal Palace and I am really enjoying it!

The Last Book I Started

So, I am currently reading 3 books at once. Well, technically 2, this book here is actually and audio dramatisation of the first 3 Lord Peter Wimsey books by Dorothy L. Sayers. I have never listened to something like this and I am really enjoying it!

The Last Book You Finished

Great plot, great character and set design. But… way to much fan service for my liking. Quite a lot of the female characters were objectified and over-sexualised. One character in particular was 15 years old! So, because of that I won’t be continuing the series.

The Last Book I Rated 5 Stars

This book has my whole heart! I love it so so so much!

The Last Book I DNF’d

This book had so much potential but fell super flat for me. It was marketed as a romance but the characters had no romantic chemistry, all of their “development” seemed to happen off page and I was more interested in their individual pursuits than I was their relationship.

The Last Book I Listened To

This was such a good listen. Super funny and informative.

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