Lord Peter Wimsey Series Review

  • Author: Dorothy L Sayers
  • Series: Lord Peter Wimsey
  • Genre: Classic Murder Mystery
  • No. of hours: 33 hours (Roughly)
  • Star Rating: 4 stars

I would like to say that I listened to the audiobook dramatisations originally made by the BBC for radio. So, a lot of my ratings are down to performance, structure of the story etc. I would love to return to this post once I have read all the actual books.

The Five Red Herrings (2 stars)

Starting off with the story I enjoyed the least. This story is definitely one that I feel is easier to follow in book form rather than audio. There were way to many suspects and a lot of different alibis which were changing all the time. It became to complicated to follow and I didn’t care for the ending.

Busman’s Honeymoon (3 stars)

This was really enjoyable. I love any story with Harriet and Peter together. I did feel this was a very simple story that had a very simple ending.

Whose Body? (3 stars)

I really enjoyed this but it didn’t blow me away. I felt that it was a great starting book to get you used to the characters of Wimsey and Bunter. Showing you all of their skills etc. The story was satisfying and came to a good conclusion.

The Nine Tailors (3 stars)

Another story that confused my slightly as there were many names etc. to remember. But the plot was engaging, the ending was really well done but I did get the murderer wrong as I was adamant on someone in particular.

Have a Carcase (3.5 stars)

Another super interesting one with an incredible ending. I will say that while I loved the ending, it took a bit of time to get invested in this story. The ending was amazing on paper but I don’t think this adaptations did it justice.

Strong Poison (3.5 stars)

What a great way to introduce an incredible character. I really enjoyed following Peter alongside this case. The ending was super satisfying and I liked all the characters.

Clouds of Witness (4 stars)

This story had me on the edge of my seat. It was tense from beginning to end. I had no idea who was the murderer and I didn’t figure it out at all. I felt the acting in this was superb and I literally couldn’t breathe for how tense it was.

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (4 stars)

One of the strongest points on this story was how it used to time. Focusing a mystery on the time of death specifically made for such an interesting story. The characters in this were so good. I was judging everyone and I honestly could not guess who it could be.

Murder Must Advertise (4.5 stars)

Probably the most ingenious plot of her backlist. Not only a murder mystery but also an added edge of thriller. It didn’t feel like the slightly cosier murder mysteries I was accustomed to. The plot line that follows in this story was super engaging and I just wanted to applaud the intelligence of Ms Sayers.

Gaudy Night (5 stars)

Now this doesn’t include a murder. This is another super interesting plot and ending but what stood out to me more than the mystery was Harriet as a character. Getting to get inside her head and be with her instead of Wimsey was incredible. It made me appreciate her a whole lot more. Listening to her come to terms with her feelings was a beautiful experience.

Unnatural Death (5 stars)

But by far my favourite of the stories. This felt like a cat and mouse chase. I literally spent every possible moment listening to this story. I was on the edge of my seat. I thought the plot was so smart and so unlike other mysteries I had read before. Sayers was really onto something with this series.

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