IndiaReadsALot 4 Year Anniversary!

4 years of my blog!!!!! That correlates to 1461 days or 209 weeks or 48 months, depending on how you want to look at it! How crazy! I would like to thank every single person who has followed, liked, commented etc. on this blog. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would reach 4 years here!

So, let’s talk about the last year.


Probably the biggest change this year was my blog’s name change. Early December last year, I made the decision to step away from the old name of India Reads and create a new one. This was mainly because the name was causing some confusion with a website also titled IndiaReads so I was getting a lot of bounceback from people thinking my blog was something that it wasn’t. I wanted to tackle that head on and I thought the best way to do it was change my name.

This prompted a whole re-branding for me across all social media platforms and I felt that it was a fresh start for my blog.


Just before 2022 rolled, inspired by my name change, I decided to finally delve into the world of bookstagram. Something I had never done before. This has been super fun, I have met some amazing people and was able to showcase some incredible books. Next year I am really hoping to post more and champion my instagram as I feel that my blog and other social media accounts have taken my focus.

My instagram is simply @indiareadsalot


April this year I also decided to revive my long dormant BookTok account. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started posting BookTok videos (just before it properly took off) but when I moved in with my boyfriend I left all my books back at my parents’ houses and I stopped BookTok altogether.

In April, after finally feeling settled in both my bookselling job and where I was living, as at this point I had created an extensive book collection at my boyfriend’s house, I re-started the account. This has been one of my more successful endeavours this year and I have been having such a fun time creating videos, finding new booktokers and more books.

My BookTok is also @indiareadsalot


I have officially been a bookseller for over a year. I have been absolutely loving this job and being able to spend the whole day with books. Over the Christmas period I will be running our Children and Young Adult section which is an amazing opportunity. One I didn’t think would be possible over just a year later. I was also promoted earlier this year as well which has been a great highlight.

Mini Round Up

My Top 3 Posts From This Year

Book Bait (Revised) – This post was originally something I did back when I started properly investing time and energy into my blog. It was one of my oldest bookish related posts and I wanted to revisit it, make some changes and do some new recommendations. It was great to look back at what books stood out to me then and what was my main interest at the time. For example: I was loving all Greek Mythology re-tellings but now I am a bit over specifically Greek re-tellings and want to branch out to other cultures.

Manga Update 2022 – I have been loving manga at the moment. I have read and now own so much of it that I decided to talk all about it in this new post. I plan on updating it annually every July!

8 Types of Love Recommendations – Probably my favourite post from this year. I wanted to honour Valentines day but also talk about love we don’t talk about too much. Such as the love for your friends, siblings, family etc. This was so much fun to write and I loved picking all the books for the recommendations.

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