The DNFs of 2022

So, I wasn’t sure how many DNFs I was going to do this year. I am a big believer in DNFing but considering I have read 130+ books only DNFing 10 books is quite impressive.

Now let’s dive into the reasons why!

  • Title: Empress and Aniya
  • Author: Candice Carty-Williams
  • Genre: Contemporary/Magical Realism
  • Month Read: Jan 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 50%

Reasons for DNF: This was a tough one. I listened to this on Audible and, while I enjoyed the narrator, I felt that this was a book I would have preferred reading than listening to. I didn’t find the writing that engaging and despite it only being a 2-hour audiobook, I only got an hour in.

  • Title: The Chosen Twelve
  • Author: James Breakwell
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Month Read: Jan 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 60%

Reasons for DNF: I liked it at the beginning but I went into the book expecting The Hunger Games vibes as that was what the marketing told me it was like and I got 60% of the way through and nothing was really happening. I also found the story to be a bit confusing.

  • Title: The Ghost Bride
  • Author: Yangsze Choo
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy
  • Month Read: Feb 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 34%

Reasons for DNF: This one comes down to format again. I am not sure if I would have preferred the story in a written way rather than the audiobook I listened to. I did end up searching up the ending and I was just not in love with the story.

  • Title: Mrs Death Misses Death
  • Author: Salena Godden
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Month Read: March 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 32%

Reasons for DNF: For me, it was mainly the writing style. I was trying to try more poetry-focused novels where poetry and prose blend together but I just realised through this book that I am not a poetry person.

  • Title: Elektra
  • Author: Jennifer Saint
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Month Read: April 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 25%

Reasons for DNF: Now this one genuinely hurt me. I really enjoyed Ariadne so was hoping I would feel the same. I basically just think I have reached my limit with Greek Mythology re-tellings at the moment. Unless it’s Lore Olympus or Madeline Miller I will be reading other mythology re-tellings instead.

  • Title: Set in Stone
  • Author: Stela Brinzeanu
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Month Read: July 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 50%

Reasons for DNF: How can you write a romance where the two love interests have no romantic chemistry whatsoever! I felt a lot of their romantic development happened off page so it just felt so rushed and underdeveloped. Since the romance was the main. driving force of the novel I just didn’t enjoy the story at all.

  • Title: The Daughter of Doctor Moreau
  • Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • Genre: Historical Sci-Fi
  • Month Read: Oct 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 25%

Reasons for DNF: Another one that hurt me. Mexican Gothic was one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE books of last year and just life in general. I was so excited to read this book but I was just soooo bored.

  • Title: The Very Merry Murder Club
  • Editor: Serena Patel and Robin Stevens
  • Genre: Murder Mystery
  • Month Read: Nov 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 25%

Reasons for DNF: To be honest I just never got round to picking it back up…

  • Title: The Secret of Matterdale Hall
  • Author: Marianne Ratcliffe
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Month Read: Nov 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 20%

Reasons for DNF: I have a whole review about this book so check out my thoughts there >>>

  • Title: Babel
  • Author: R.F. Kuang
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy
  • Month Read: Nov/Dec 2022
  • Percentage I Read: 50%

Reasons for DNF: Probably the most controversial DNF since I started blogging! I want to start off by saying this is a monumental feat of literature. Unfortunately, I really struggled with the first 150 pages. A lot of the text was about the importance of language and honestly, at times I felt like I was personally in a uni lecture. Now don’t get me wrong, I know this was important for the book and its plot progression, but for me, who hated English Language in school, I found it boring. I wanted to get into more of the conversation about colonialism, the way the world worked, the magic system etc. but once it got to that part of the story or that element picked up I just couldn’t shake off the slump that the first 150 pages gave me. Plus the pacing was so slow which did not help.

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