Godkiller Review

  • Author: Hannah Kaner
  • Series: Godkiller #1
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • No. of pages: 304
  • Dates read: 05.02.2023 – 08.02.2023
  • Star Rating: 5 stars

Plot: Kissen kills gods for a living, and she enjoys it. That is until she finds a god she cannot kill: Skediceth, god of white lies, who is connected to a little noble girl on the run. Elogast fought in the god war, and helped purge the city of a thousand shrines before laying down his sword. A mysterious request from the King sends him racing back to the city he destroyed. On the way he meets a godkiller, a little girl and a littler god, who cannot find out about his quest.

As per usual I find it hard to fully articulate my thoughts when it comes to books I love. As you all know I have read many a fantasy book in my time. From contemporary fantasy, to low, cosy fantasy and all the way to the epics. This book is up there with some of my all-time favourite fantasy series. And it’s a debut!

There are definitely one or two things I noticed that could have been proven upon but overall I just enjoyed myself so much!

Starting off with the world. This world was a great balance of taking well-known and highly loved elements of the fantasy genre but adding a fresh new set of ideas and world-building. I loved the staple of the very detailed world with a brewing civil war where we get a lot of detail about different cultures etc. but I loved the addition of the Gods. In this world there is not singular God or designated set of Gods but numerous types of Gods covering the Sea itself all the way down to broken sandals.

Everything surrounding the Gods from the ones we meet all the way to long and twisted history of the Gods was by far my favourite part of the book. They added so much depth to the story not just in terms of varied and vibrant characters but also in terms of world-building and character motivation.

This book gave me very strong Witcher vibes so if you are a fan of that series you will love this one. Love a found family in which a monster hunter/god killer becomes a surrogate figure to a young and powerful young girl then look no further than this book right here.

We follow 4 different characters in this story all with secrets to hide and questions to answer. I found every single POV in this book to be engaging and exciting. I enjoyed all of their stories equally and I looked forward to turning the page and seeing who we were following next. I really enjoyed watching these characters as individuals and learn their story and learn who they are at their core but I LOVED watching these characters together and bond with each other. It was perfect.

The story itself was simple and detailed at the same time. The story is a quest story. A journey that leads all our characters to the same ruined city but the detail of the world and the history that we learn alongside this journey was so grand and detailed that it elevated such a simple concept. I mean we all love a book where a bunch of characters are getting from Point A to Point B don’t we? I’m looking at you LOTR!

I am super excited for the sequel as the book ended with so much future potential and I need to know what happens to the world and these characters!

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