Writer’s Block: Blogging Edition

I try to keep a schedule with my blog.

Every Monday I post something bookish related and every Thursday I post a review. Sometimes, I will find myself posting 2 reviews in one week or 2 bookish posts in one week. I have now posted over a 100 blog posts since starting in November of 2018.

But for the first time since creating my blog, I have hit a wall. I have no idea what to post. I still have my reviews, I have one already scheduled to go out this Thursday but I cannot think of anything to post for my Monday slot.

I thought to myself, what do I do now? I have to post something. And panic slightly settled in, my numbers this month are the lowest they have been for a long time and I wanted to keep the momentum going.

I just couldn’t think of anything that inspired me. I looked through other bloggers posts, I looked on Booktube and Book Twitter and still I couldn’t find anything I really wanted to post.

So this post today is more of a post to highlight and bring possible awareness to book blogging block or writers block which I didn’t think was a thing. My apologies that it’s not a long one.

I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this and what you guys have done to combat this?

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