Top 5 Bookish Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now #2

Over a year ago, I published a blog post talking about the bookish podcasts I was currently listening to. I really enjoyed creating that post and I looked back and realised some of the podcasts I listened to back then I don’t anymore or I’m coming to the end of a podcast so I wanted to do another post about some of the new podcasts I am listening to!

Last time the podcasts were very Harry Potter focused, this time they are very Wheel of Time focused.

The Wheel Weaves

The first in my Wheel of Time podcasts. I have only gotten as far as the first book but I plan on reading the 2nd book this month.

This podcast follows husband and wife Dani and Brett. Dani, a first time reader, is led through this “15 book mega series” by super fan Brett. This is a spoiler free podcast which is exactly what I wanted. I love the dynamic between Dani and Brett and I love watching Dani guess what is going to happen next. I also find the series incredibly helpful as they pick up on certain things that I never even noticed from my read-through. It’s a great companion podcast if you are reading through the series for the first time!

The White Tower

Another Wheel of Time podcast this follows Jenn and Jess, big fans of the WoT series, who are doing a re-read of the series. This is meant to be spoiler-free though I have noticed a couple of minor spoilers here and there so I would suggest reading the book as a whole before listening to the part of the podcast which covers that book.

Each episode covers 2 chapters and Jess and Jenn, in turn, do a “synapsass” of what happened in the chapter, which is hilarious, followed by some in depth discussion. Again, the hosts pick up on things that I never really thought of through my first read through.

The Legendarium

This is a new podcast for me so I don’t know too much about it but it’s a Fantasy and Sci-fi podcast hosted by a variety of guys and they discuss all things fantasy and sci-fi from the Wheel of Time to Star Wars.

I have only just started listening, I really enjoyed their Harry Potter episode and their Eye of the World episodes. I am going to continue the podcast once I have finished The Great Hunt. I am very cautious about WoT spoilers so I have not got far with this podcast yet.

All About Agatha

Moving on from the Wheel of Time…

I really wanted to listen to podcast that covered all my book tastes and I happened to come across this podcast.

This podcast follows out two hosts as they read through all of Agatha Christie’s novels and short stories, in publishing order. Each month I cover a novel and the remaining weeks they cover a short story or play. The hosts also rate the books based on a variety of categories. One for example is how accessible was the mystery for the reader to be able to solve it.

I haven’t gotten to far into the podcast as I listen to the episode once I finished the book and I have only read 5 of Christie’s books so it’s slow progress but I love the in-depth analysis of the stories.

Noble Blood

This isn’t a bookish podcast but if I had to cast it I would put it under non-fiction. In this podcast Dana Schwartz explores unknown tales/stories about powerful monarchs of our history reigning from Marie Antoinette to Empress Wu Zetian. Schwartz’s voice is so compelling I could listen to her for hours. The stories she tells are so interesting that waiting 2 weeks for each episode is awful but so worth it. I can’t get enough of this podcast.

My favourite episodes include:

  • Episode 1: The Second Death of Marie Antoinette
  • Episode 2: The Desperate Young King Charles II
  • Episode 5: Until We Meet Again
  • Episode 7: The Maybe Queen Arabella
  • Episode 9: The Marquise and Her Poisons
  • Episode 10: Let Him Be Hanged There for a Lamb
  • Episode 13: The Neck and the Necklace
  • Episode 16: Catherine the Great and her Husband the Mediocre

Honourable Mention

Inside the Disney Vault

This is super fun Disney podcast where 3 hosts talk about all the animated Disney movies in chronological order. This is a hilarious podcast filled with not just hilarious commentary but insights into production at the time of the movie, fun behind the scenes facts but also dicussions about the Disney Parks,as well as, fun side notes such as:

  • Tattoo Time – Oscar tells the hosts/listeners what he would get tattooed on his body from the movie. i.e. the turtle from Snow White or Cruella De Vil’s devil phone from 101 Dalmatians.
  • Rachel’s Imaginarium – Rachel details what addition she would add to the parks based on each movie. i.e. an underwater restaurant from The Little Mermaid

My favourite episodes include:

  • Episode 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Episode 2: Pinocchio
  • Episode 15: Alice in Wonderland
  • Episode 18: Sleeping Beauty
  • Episode 19: 101 Dalmatians
  • Episode 27: The Black Cauldron
  • Episode 28: The Great Mouse Detective
  • Episode 32: Beauty and the Beast

So there you go. Just insight into what I am listening to at the moment.

All of these podcasts are available on Spotify and I highly recommend them!

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