March Wrap Up 2020

I didn’t read many books this month. But I did get my first favourite and 5 star book this month which is great! I also continued my journey through the Wheel of Time series.

  • I had my first 5 star book of the year!
  • I had my first book to make it to my favourites list!
  • Continuing with my challenges, I read two of my sequels from my 2020 sequel challenge.
  • I read 3 books this month.
  • I read one high fantasy, one thriller and one historical murder mystery.
  • I read one ARC and I bought the other two earlier that month.

Rules for Perfect Murders – Peter Swanson (2 stars)

This story had a lot going for it but sadly the execution was lacking. Quite a lot of the plot just conveniently happened to the character he only starting taking control of the narrative about 3/4 into the story. Check out my more in depth review.

Closed Casket – Sophie Hannah (5 stars)

A book which managed to save the series for me. I was thinking of DNFing the series as a whole depending on this sequel and I was blown away. The strongest part of this novel is the highly layered and detailed characters! But the plot was also incredible!!!

The Great Hunt – Robert Jordan (5 stars)

A book full of powerful female characters, prophecy and action packed battle scenes. Going into this book I was worried I would not enjoy it as much as the first one but, thankfully, that was not the case at all! I recommend this series to any fantasy fan!!!