Why I don’t like the mention of plot twists in reviews.

This is going to be a very niche post this week. Also, this post is all my own opinion and guaranteed if you look back at any of the reviews on Goodreads and this blog I have probably mentioned plot twists many times.

This is a newly formed opinion for me that I would like to discuss. Unless it is for trigger warning reasons, I personally am not the biggest fan of people mentioning that a book has a plot twist.

To me, a plot twist is meant to be unexpected, out of the blue, you had no idea it was going to happen. You are supposed to be in shock and taken aback at the change in plot or character. But when I see reviews and they say, “I loved the plot twist in this book, so unexpected.” I am then going into the book expecting something shocking to happen and I feel like it ruins the reveal and the twist itself as I was expecting it to happen.

Granted, you don’t know the context of the twist whether it’s a character dieing or a character revealing that they are actually working for the bad side etc. but the notion of knowing that something crazy is going to happen spoils the fun for me a bit.

Murder mysteries and thrillers are an exception, the genre is based on having twists and turns that you don’t expect. I dunno it’s hard to explain but I feel less inclined to read a book if the reviewer mentions plot twist.

That being said, as I said at the beginning of my post. If you look through my reviews and blog posts I have probably said the same thing so I am probably being a hypocrite but it’s just something I have noticed recently. I am less likely to pick up the book if a plot twist is mentioned.

Let me know what you guys think.