So, I am a huge DNFer. I believe in DNFing any book that bores you, you feel average about or for other more serious reasons. I personally refuse to continue reading a book that I lose interest in. I read The Fellowship of the Ring and it is the only book I regret DNFing as I found it quite boring and felt that I could have used the time reading a book I actually enjoyed.

So, yes. I am a big fan of the DNF! But what I have noticed from spending time on Book Twitter is that I go about logging, rating and reviewing DNFs quite differently to what’s seems like the majority of the platform and I wanted to talk about it.

One of the struggles is how to log DNFs on Goodreads. I have seen over Twitter that the majority tend to not rate it and just stick it in a DNF shelf, making sure it doesn’t count towards their reading goal. But I have a slight problem with that. I personally use Goodreads as a log for all the books I read over the years so I want to make sure I count every book I read. But also, while I didn’t complete the book I did spend my time reading through at least half of it so I want it to count towards my goal because, again, that time could have been used reading a book I actually liked.

Another thing that I do is I rate my books. I can completely understand why people don’t rate these books. You didn’t read the whole thing so you can’t have an opinion on a unfinished book as you don’t have all the knowledge. But I still rate. I tend to give my DNFs 2 stars. This is a below average rating because half the time my DNFs are either writing style based or based purely on vibes. No real reason just didn’t like it. I only give a 1 star rating to a DNF if I put it down for a strong personal reason or it was for more than just “oh I just lost interest”. Again, most people don’t rate these books and I feel weirdly bad for rating the book.

One thing I seem to do like everyone else is not review DNFs. I can’t give strong thoughts on DNFs as I haven’t read the whole thing and the thing I might not like about the book might change near to the end. So I tend to give a quick summary on Goodreads and in my monthly wrap up. I only review DNFs if they were given to me as an ARC as that is my obligation to do so.

I also make sure to mention in my yearly wrap up, the amount of books I DNFed and plan to, in the future, calculate how many pages I didn’t read.

Yeah, so this is a bit of a ramble because I have seen a lot of DNF content on Twitter on what some people do and don’t do so I thought I would give you an insight into my process.

3 thoughts on “DNFs

  1. I don’t usually DNF books because I’m pretty good at picking out what I want to read before I start a book. Whenever I see someone DNF a book on Goodreads, they rate it 2 stars then say they DNFed the book and give the percentage/page number for when they stopped reading. That’s probably the best way that I’ve seen to do it.

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