Second Chance Challenge Round Up

So at the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to read 5 books that I DNFed a long time a go and see if my opinion changed.

Well, I completed the challenge last month and thought I would round up my thoughts!

So I read this collection of short stories at the start of the year and was planning on reading a couple a day. I read about 40 and really could be bothered to keeping going so I DNFed it again.

Yes, I own the movie cover version! I loved the movie so was super excited to get into the book but sadly I just couldn’t get into it. I really struggled with the writing style! I DNFed this book again.

I have mentioned this before but I got into the movie first so was super excited to read the book. But sadly it felt too short and underdeveloped so I was left feeling underwhelmed. I did actually read the whole book just because it was so short.

I was really looking forward to reading this book as I also… loved the movie and from what I could remember from last time. I really enjoyed what I had read. This time the book just did not capture me at all and I just couldn’t be bothered to pick it back up so yet again I DNFed it!

FINALLY! This book out of all the 5 I read was the only one I actually enjoyed! I ended up giving it 5 stars! I loved the world, I loved the main characters and the plot was so intriguing. You can actually read my review here >>>

So sadly, while I completed the challenge it was in fact a bit of a failure. I DNFed 3 of the books again! Out of the 2 books I read all the way through I only enjoyed 1 of them, the other one was a disappointing 2 stars!

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