The Winter of the Witch Review

  • Author: Katherine Arden
  • Series: The Winternight Trilogy #3
  • No. of pages: 372
  • Dates read: 12.09.20 – 17.09.20
  • Star Rating: 5 (FAVOURITE)

Plot: Moscow is in flames, leaving its people searching for answers – and someone to blame. Vasilisa, a girl with extraordinary gifts, must flee for her life, pursued by those who blame their misfortune on her magic. Then a vengeful demon returns, stronger than ever. Determined to engulf the world in chaos, he finds allies among men and spirits. Mankind and magical creatures alike find their fates resting on Vasya’s shoulders. But she may not be able to save them all.

So, I finally made it to the end of the Winternight Trilogy. I started this series 3 years ago after seeing the first book recommended multiple times over BookTube. If you have been following my blog you will know the series didn’t start off great and I was tempted to not continue but after reading the 2nd and now the 3rd book of the series I just fell in love.

After I finished this book I didn’t know what to do with myself as I just had so many thoughts, I tried to write as many down as I could but it all just ended up not making sense. Going into this book I was nervous, I loved the second book and I was worried that the third would not meet my expectation and I would be disappointed. Thankfully, as you can tell by my rating, that was not the case.

One of the standout parts of the book is the writing. Arden just has a way with words! I could perfectly picture what she is writing in my head. The dialogue is beautiful and poetic especially when Vasya talks to characters of royalty or power. But while I loved the poetic scenes where Morozko and Vasya talk to one another my favorite scenes were the scenes of panic and anger. Arden had me on the edge of my seat reading many scenes where Vasya was in distress. I found myself trying to not read to far ahead and take in the words and what was happening but Arden crafted scenes of panic so well I was scared for the characters on the page.

One of the things I found in this series was the watching Arden balance the fantasy aspect of the story with the historical fiction aspect. Her first book, to me, had more of a focus on historical fiction with drips of fantasy here and there. The second book, had a very strong balance of both genres and for this book, the focus was much more heavily with the fantasy genre and I really enjoyed seeing that transition over time. My favourite part of this story was seeing Vasya come into her own, she emerges as a women in this series and takes full force of her destiny. Whether that is with her family, her place in Russia or even in her relationship with Morozko. She was incharge! I remember finding her quite irritating in the first book and then slowly beginning to like her in the second. By the third, I admired her! Her strength, her resilience and her resourcefulness.

I think the strongest part of this final book was the connections each character has with each other. We see relationships introduced in the very first book reach their pinnacle for either better or worse in this book and you feel like you have been on a journey with these characters, watching them grow and learn.

I really enjoyed exploring the world of midnight and midday. Learning about the rules, how this world works compared to the world we have been used to for 2 other books. I found it to be really fascinating and I enjoyed all the scenes that took place in this world.

The ending was emotional. I tend to not get too emotional in books but I think after watching all these characters grow from Book 1 to 3, there was no way I wasn’t going to cry at the ending. The ending was just how I liked it, realistic yet hopeful and I enjoyed every gut-wrenching moment of it.

Overall, I am so sad to be finishing this series. It has made such an impact for me but I looking forward to seeing what Arden does next!

The next book I will be reviewing is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I haven’t had much luck with Gaiman this year so hopefully this book will be better and restore my faith in his work.

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