Book Settings That I Love!

I love getting lost in a book. Feeling as if I am apart of the world created, today I wanted to discuss some of my favorite book settings. Now these aren’t books with solid world building or epic history going back centuries, these books are just settings that I really like being involved in or I think is really fun.

The Tower of Babel – Now I don’t know if I want to actually be in this world considering how dangerous it is but I LOVE reading about it! I love how varied each element of the tower is and you don’t know what you’re getting yourself in for! I love picking up each book so I can learn more about this insane structure!

The World – Now, obviously if you read this series many changes happen to this world but I am going to focus on the world specifically from the beginning of Scythe. I really loved learning about this world, how you can cure any illness, reverse your age, how you can literally do anything you want without losing anything. It was fascinating to read. A world of no real risks! I also loved learning about how the Scythedom works. Also the rules, regulations and I loved learning how each Scythe goes about their duty. This is probably more of a world building focus but I did love it.

Hogwarts – I bet none of you are surprised here. I think everyone hopes that their Hogwarts letter will magically appear some day. I don’t even need an adventure like Harry, Ron and Hermione. I would be happy to just be there and learn and just experience the life of a Hogwarts student. I think it would be so fun. One of my favourite things of the series was just learning about what they would be taught!! I wanted to learn potions!

Camp Half-Blood – Again, not a surprise to anybody! I want to go to Hogwarts for school and Camp Half-Blood for the summer. Let’a ignore that the summer holidays in the UK are only like 6 weeks long. Again, I don’t want to go on any quest I just want to take part in all the activities and have fun!

Caraval – I loved this first book so much because of how vibrant and exciting Caraval was. It was the drawing point for me to finish the trilogy, I just loved how imaginative the world of Caraval was and how everything was layered in riddles and everything was so colourful. I would love to take part in my own Caraval and see if I could win the grand prize!

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