My 2020 Wrap Up

So this is it! Another year ends which means another wrap up! This will be my third time wrapping up my year of reading! Thankfully, I did slightly better this year than I did last year. My aim is always to improve, even slightly, on the year before. While last year, I was quite strict with what I read, this year I was more spontaneous and I felt that I enjoyed reading a lot more, trying not to stick to one specific schedule!

Also, if you want to look at my 2020 Reading Plan beforehand to actually see how it did, you can read that post here >>>

For the stats, this wrap-up tends to be very statistics heavy, I used a mixture of my own reading spreadsheet and the Goodreads Wrap Up! Some of this data is skewed slightly as I did DNF 7 books this year. I try to read at least a quarter of the book before DNFing it but sometimes I just knew after a chapter or two I wasn’t going to like it, I still count those books to my overall goal because I did spend time reading them. But I am going to try and make sure the list below is as accurate as possible to the books I did read all the way through. For a full list of the books I DNFed this year check out my blog post >>>

Basic Stats

  • I read 23,867 pages over 63 books this year!
  • When only counting the books I read all the way through – I read roughly 21,403 pages over 56 books.
  • My average book length was 384!
  • My average rating for 2020 was 3.6 stars! This stat shocked me as I thought I had rated more books higher this year than the last.

The shortest book I read in 2020 – 100 pages

A really emotive and quick read that despite it’s small size really draws you in and does a number on your emotions!

The longest book I read in 2020 – 800 pages

I really didn’t feel the size of this book. By the halfway mark I was reading 100 pages every time I picked it up and I read 250 pages in the final sitting because I was that drawn into the story.

My most popular book.

This book was shelved by 5, 337, 840 people on Goodreads.

My least popular book.

This book was shelved by 408 people on Goodreads.

The book I read with the highest rating on Goodreads.

4.62 stars.

Rating Breakdown

Now we are going to break it down into what books I gave a certain number of stars to. I am also going to link my reviews to the books that I reviewed.

Books that I gave 1 star – 2

Book TitleAuthor DNF?
Crowning SoulSahira JavaidYes
Black Leopard, Red WolfMarlon JamesYes

Books that I gave 2 stars – 14

Book TitleAuthorDNF?
The Original Folk and Fairy TalesBrothers GrimmYes
StardustNeil Gaiman
In the Crypt with a CandlestickDaisy WaughYes
Rules for Perfect MurdersPeter Swanson
The Great GatsbyF. Scott. FitzgeraldYes
The Paris MysteriesEdgar Allan PoeYes
Storm Front Jim Butcher
FinaleStephanie Garber
Sourcery Terry Pratchett
The Girl in RedChristina Henry
The Princess BrideWilliam GoldmanYes
The Court of MiraclesKester Grant
Rivers of LondonBen Aaronovitch
The Haunting of Beatrix GreeneVarious

Books that I gave 3 stars – 15

Book TitleAuthor
My Sister, the Serial KillerOyinkan Braithwaite
Tears of the GiraffeAlexander McCall Smith
Murder at Enderley HallHelena Dixon
CoralineNeil Gaiman
The LastHanna Jameson
Predator’s GoldPhillip Reeve
Murder at the PlayhouseHelena Dixon
White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About RacismRobin DiAngelo
Cocaine BluesKerry Greenwood
Flying Too HighKerry Greenwood
Murder on the Ballarat TrainKerry Greenwood
Station ElevenEmily St. John Mandel
The PhlebotomistChris Panatier
Neverwhere Neil Gaiman
Murder on the DancefloorHelena Dixon

Books that I gave 4 stars – 14

Book TitleAuthor
The TollNeal Shusterman
RebeccaDaphne Du Maurier
The Unlikely Escape of Uriah HeepH. G. Parry
The Last Smile in Sunder CityLuke Arnold
The Sea of MonstersRick Riordan
The Mystery of the Blue TrainAgatha Christie
The Sin EaterMegan Campisi
The Thursday Murder ClubRichard Osman
Wyrd SistersTerry Pratchett
Dead Man in a DitchLuke Arnold
The Black PrismBrent Weeks
The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your HomeJeffery Cranor and Joseph Fink
Damaged InteriorsM. J. Baker
The Last WishAndrezj Sapkowski

Books that I gave 5 stars – 18

Book TitleAuthor
Closed CasketSophie Hannah
The Great HuntRobert Jordan
The Hod KingJosiah Bancroft
If We Were VillainsM. L. Rio
House of Salt and SorrowErin A. Craig
The Honjin MurdersSeishi Yokomizo
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About RaceReni Eddo-Lodge
Daughters of NightLaura Shepherd-Robinson
The Lies of Locke LamoraScott Lynch
The Well of AscensionBrandon Sanderson
The Winter of the WitchKatherine Arden
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 7-9Hiromu Arakawa
Peril at End HouseAgatha Christie
The Titan’s CurseRick Riordan
The Dragon RebornRobert Jordan
The Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryAlix E. Harrow
The Starless SeaErin Morgenstern
The Hero of AgesBrandon Sanderson

Genre Breakdown

So, no surprise to anyone but fantasy takes the lead this year with 31 books. I did branch out a bit more, genre wise, as I read some poetry and some non-fiction. Two genres I wouldn’t normally go for!

GenreNo. of Books
Fantasy31! No surprise there!
Science Fiction5
Historical Fiction2
Non Fiction2

Format Breakdown

Again, no surprise that paperback is the most used format. What I am surprised by is the rise in the ebook format. I have recently deleted my Netgalley account due to the data breach that happened late December so I am not sure whether I will reach those record ebook numbers again.

FormatNo. of Books

Age Group Breakdown

Again, no shock to see that Adult books take the lead. That being said, there has been a significant decrease in YA books this year. I didn’t have a great year with YA in 2019, so I was a bit hesitant about the age group this year. I do have a lot of exciting YA books to come next year though.

Age GroupNo. of Books
Young Adult8
Middle Grade2

So, there you. I do realise it’s a bit statistic heavy but I personally find it super interesting. The posts coming soon are less number heavy. But I am very proud with how well I have done this year.

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