Books That I Think Would Make Great Adaptations #2

So, last year I did a long post about certain books and series that I think would make great adaptations and since then I have read loads more books and knew I had to create a follow up post.

While this post won’t be as long, I only have 4 series I want to talk about, I do have some great book recs and ideas!

So, let’s jump right on in.

Mistborn Trilogy – Brandon Sanderson

Now, this trilogy is one of my all time favourites! I heard that Sanderson has written The Final Empire screenplay in hopes to sell it to a studio and after hearing that all I want is a Mistborn movie trilogy. I didn’t know I needed it so badly until it was mentioned. I feel that each book has more than enough content, wraps up nicely while also leading on well to the next book and the action scenes would just look phenomenal on the screen. I want it now!

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn – Tri Vuong

Now, this was an amazing paranormal investigation series that would make an amazing animated tv show. Each episode could follow a different case and Oscar himself is such an amazing character, the artwork is beautiful and eerie and the writing is both funny and incredibly moving. I feel like this would be such a great show! And again, I want it now!

The Gentleman Bastard Sequence – Scott Lynch

Now, I know this series is not finished yet but I could see this series making a great tv show. Each book could be one season, since the plots are so incredibly intricate, you could not fit them into a 2 hour movie. I feel that a TV show would allow the writers enough room to add every important detail and not miss anything out. They don’t have to be long seasons but I do feel that more time is needed to tell these stories.

And finally, a book I have not spoken about in some time. I feel like Daughters of Night would make a great limited TV show on somewhere like the BBC. A one time series would work perfectly to tell this story. I mean, there is enough content for it to be either a movie or a series but I feel like a series would work better in keeping up with the suspense of the novel.

So, there you go, just a quick post this week. 🙂 I have been in a bit of slump recently due to my job and not feeling super brilliant so I haven’t read many books over the last 2 weeks. I am hoping that is going to change soon.

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