Reasons I Would Buy Multiple Copies of Books

So, I missed a review post last Thursday. For those of you who don’t know, I try to stick to a schedule of bookish related posts on Mondays and reviews on Thursdays but last week I was really ill and was basically asleep for most of last week so I didn’t get round to posting but I am now on the mend and I am doing ok so it is back to our regularly scheduled programming! 😀

Today I am here to talk about the number of reasons why I might buy multiple copies of the same book. Apart from the Harry Potter series in which I have 2 copies of Books 1-4 I don’t have multiple copies of any of my books. I personally have never really felt the need to get more than that one book but I know a lot people like to own multiple copies of their all time fave novels. This got me thinking, what would be a reason for me to have more than one copy of some of my faves and I came up with 3 reasons.

1. Kindle to Physical

There are a couple of books I read on my kindle like Daughters of Night by Laura Shepherd-Robinson and The Honjin Murders by Seishi Yokomizo that I wish I had a physical copy of. So, I could see myself owning 2 copies of these books one which is on my Kindle and one which a physical copy just because I would love to physically own a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and would easily read again.

2. Illustrated

I know with the Books of Babel Quartet by Josiah Bancroft that he came out with illustrated copies of his books and I saw the art and they looked amazing and I would absolutely consider getting some all time faves in an illustrated version as well. With an illustrated edition there is that extra flair and additional content added to the original story which I love.

3. Change in cover design halfway through the series

This recently happened with the ACOTAR series where they changed the designs halfway through the series and they were DRASTIC changes. If I was super dedicated to a series and then they changed the designs halfway through I would definitely go back and buy new copies to make sure the series matched. I would hate to see a mismatched series personally, especially if it was my favourite.

Now all these decisions would only ever be for books that I absolutely adore and cherish, the 5 star books. I wouldn’t spend extra money on new copies for books that I thought were 3 stars. So, yeah just a little post about some of the reasons you may see multiple copies on my shelves.

What are the reasons you would own additional copies of books?

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