The Gamer Tag from a casual and cosy gamer!

So, I recently came across a gamer tag by YouTuber Vixtendo. I am a massive gaming fan which is something most of my readers/followers don’t know about. I have always wanted this blog to have a gaming element to it but since I am more consistent with my reading than my gaming I didn’t know how to combine my love for gaming and blogging in one. So today, I thought it would be fun to do this tag and tell you all about one of my other favourite hobbies!

Also, there will be no gaming shaming here. If you play cosy games amazing, if you play first person shooters, great! But this isn’t a place to shame someones skill level or way they play. If you play games you’re a gamer in my eyes.

What is your gamer tag?

So, I don’t play online. I prefer to play by myself so if I ever play online with someone it’s always just been on a friend or family members account.

How long have you been gaming?

I have been gaming nearly my entire life but I started being more consistent was when I was 14.

How did your gaming journey start?

I started gaming young when I managed to convince my parents to get me a Nintendo DS. I played games on and off but when I was 14 I saw a trailer for the very first game in the Professor Layton series, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It was like one of those lightbulb moments for me. I fell in love with the story, the art, the music. I pretty much just spent the next 2 years playing that series and some other random visual novel games. When I was 17 I had finished the Professor Layton series and I wasn’t sure where to go next. After googling games which had great storylines, loads of people mentioned The Legend of Zelda series. I did some research and bought Skyward Sword (This was before the remake). Well I was sucked in and hooked from the first sequence! After I finished that game I made the decision that this would be something I wanted to pursue more strongly and as a hobby not just something I played every now and again but something I would dedicate my time to.

What is the first game you remember playing?

So, the first game I remember playing was on my first Nintendo DS and it was Cooking Mama. I loved it!

What is your favourite console to play on & why?

My favourite console is the Nintendo Switch. I am a big Nintendo supporter and that’s where 90% of my games are from. I just enjoy the graphics, the portability of playing it both as you go and on the TV, I like the franchises that come exclusively with Nintendo etc.

What would you call your gaming style?

I wouldn’t say I have a strong gaming style. I just enjoy games where there is a great storyline and it’s not a first person shooter.

Do you prefer long sessions or short and sweet?

1000% long sessions. Like with my reading, I like to sit down and cover some ground whether that is a game or a book.

What game haven’t you tried yet but want to?

I really want to try the Witcher games. I have heard loads of really good things about the series, especially the third one and I love the TV show so I think this would be something I would really enjoy.

Which unreleased game are you most excited for?

  1. Breath of the Wild 2 (Which is now delayed)
  2. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What game do you love that no one would expect?

I really enjoy the Assassin’s Creed series. So far I have played Syndicate, Origins and Odyssey. My boyfriend introduced me to the series and I have been invested ever since. I haven’t played Valhalla yet but I really want to.

Favourite game to rage quit?

I definitely don’t have a favourite game that I rage quit, I hate rage quitting but the game I raged quit on and then never picked back up was Bioshock 1. I tried to play it to see if I could play first person shooters but it did not work out at all.

Favourite game to replay?

Simulation games, I feel, are the best games to replay. I restarted my Animal Crossing island, a couple of times. I have restarted Stardew Valley as well.

Do you snack & drink while gaming?

No,I don’t have like a set thing. I follow all the aesthetic gamers that show off their snacks and drinks on TikTok but I don’t do it for myself.

Solo or co-op?

Solo. I just prefer taking in the game by myself but I have played a couple of co-op games with my boyfriend which was fun.

Favourite genre to play?

Anything fantasy or mystery. I love a good adventure in a fantasy world like Pokemon or Zelda but I also enjoy a good mystery visual novel as well. My interest in games are very similar to my interests in books.

Least favourite genre to play?

Not a genre but first person shooter games. It’s the only case of ‘even if the story is good I’m not going to play it’. I cannot play FPS well at all. My co-ordination is awful. Make the game third person POV and I’m really good but I just cannot do first person at all.

Late night gaming or daytime gaming?

Daytime gaming. While I do enjoy playing during the evening most of my gaming experiences have been during the day. I just like the idea of knowing you have the whole day to play a game you love.

What console & game holds a special place in your heart?

For me it will be the Nintendo 3DS and the Professor Layton series. It really was the stepping stone towards this hobby. If I hadn’t of played those games I would not be as invested in gaming as I am now. Also it was something I just wholeheartedly loved and is one of the reasons I love storytelling and reading so much.

What does gaming mean to you?

Gaming is a means of escapism. When the world just gets too much or I’m feeling overwhelmed I can get lost in the story or the world of numerous games and put my energy into something fun.

If you could tell someone who doesn’t game one thing to convince them to start, what would you say?

If you love the immersiveness of a movie or book and you wish you could jump into those worlds with those characters and experience those poignant moments with them, gaming allows you to do that. You get to be a part of those worlds and stories.

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